Thursday, January 13, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Workout and Diet

Victoria's Secret Model's Tips:

They have the most amazing bodies, here are some of their tips:

Victoria’s Secret Workout and Diet: Miranda Kerr, Marisa Miller, and Candice Swanepoel

Miranda Kerr

Her diet…
“As for diet, Miranda Kerr’s trainer encourages her to eat a lot of healthy carbohydrates and lean protein for breakfast – foods like old-fashioned oatmeal, egg whites, veggies, cottage cheese, muesli, yogurt and fruit. Then it’s salads and chicken or fish for lunch, and a combination of fish, turkey, vegetables and chicken for dinner

“For breakfast — yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, apple, lemon after that. Sometimes some wheat-free toast with avocado on top. And then for lunch — some salad, vegetables, grilled fish, steamed vegetables. Almonds or almond butter,” Miranda Kerr revealed at the 15th-anniversary swim catalog party.
Her weakness…
“[Mine] is probably chocolate lindt balls,” Miranda admitted.
Her celebrity workout…
Miranda Kerr workouts of 3 to 4 times per week for 75 minutes at a time with trainer Justin Gelband.  Kerr tells StyleList she keeps her exercise regime fairly consistent, explaining that it “always involves a mix of yoga, low-impact cardio, resistance and functional exercise, combined with high energy training such as boxing or running.”
“I love yoga,” Miranda also said. “I’ve been practicing it now for about 10 years and I love it!”
Her playlist…
“I always love a bit of Kings of Leon, Alexi Murdoch, Muzik City, Phoenix,” she says. “And you can never go wrong with Dr. Dre!” says Kerr.
Her advice for swimsuit shopping…
“Everyone has different body shapes so it’s best to find a swimsuit that flatters your individual shape, ” she advises. “For example, if you have a small bust, a halter bikini top with slight padding will look best. Most importantly, with the right attitude and confidence any swimsuit will look good.”

Marisa Miller

Her diet…
“It’s really good to cut out soda, carbs, and alcohol, and anything that would make you puffy,” she says of her pre-shoot preparation. If you have to slim down fast, Miller says, “Eat clean and have a lot of water 48 hours before,” Marisa Miller told StyleList.
Her celebrity workout…
“I like resistance bands because I can travel with them, and it’s easy to watch TV and do it.” What, no cardio? Sigh. While Marisa Miller is naturally thin, she still struggles to maintain some shape and muscle tone just like everybody else. “Toning exercises, that’s kind of a big thing for me,” the supermodel told StyleList. “I like to keep some of my curves and be a little soft and feminine.”
Marisa Miller, who has appeared on the pages of both the Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazines, also does paddle-boarding as part of her workout routine.

Candice Swanepoel

Her celebrity workout…
“I love waking up; I box; I do a lot of resistance…three or four times a week,” Candice Swanepoel told Hollywood Life.
Her diet…
“I love a good breakfast. I love croissants. Eggs, bacon. I love vegetables, I like omelets. Raisins,” says Candice Swanepoel about her diet.
Her weakness…
“Brazilian bread!”


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