Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 4


2 whole grain toaster waffles (180 calories)


Rice and Veggies Bowl (had to- lunch with co-workers!) 500 calories?


VitaTop- 100 calories


Something light after that heavy lunch!

Update- I had a half a tempeh sandwhich, yum! About 300 calories Id estimate?

Would love to get a work out in tonight as well!

However, the idea of getting sweaty isnt appealing as I want to go to the movies with my honey as well! If only there was some way to have a non-sweaty work out lol!

Update- did not happen! Went to the movies, then got suckered in to hanging out with friends, but thats what life is all about isnt it =)

About 200 calories added in drinks- champagne and a shot
Total calories for the day= 1280

I'm really glad I managed to stay in my limit for the day- usually if I have a drink late at night it lowers my inhibitions and if I'm a bit hungry, I will have a snack! But I didnt, which was a pretty big accomplishment for me =D

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