Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 17


1 packet of Nature's Path Instant Oats, Apple& Cinnamon variety

Coffee with almond milk for creamer, no sugar

- 250 calories total


Leftover quinoa/mock duck/bell pepper scramble from yesterday, and a small greek spinach filo (aka SPANAKOPITA!)  - about 400 calories

I've noticed that when I eat right by cooking for myself its VERY hard to figure out the exact calories!

No snack as I was in meetings all day :(


My sweety made me a very healthy little meal of noodles I purchased recently from our Asian Mart, and lots of veggies! He didnt use any oils or butter, and he made sure the ratio was more veggies to noodles than vice versa! So supportive :) Because he does usually like to slather on the butter/oil as thats how his momma taught him to cook lol!

Work out:

I did Day 5 of Jillian's 30 day Shred!! I was tired, and stressed from toooo much homework and my house is a mess /blur but I figured that after doing homework, working out was the next most important thing! The house and lanudry can wait until the weekend!

I did Level One again, and after taking yesterday off to let my muscles repair, it felt SO much easier, almost TOO easy to get through the workout as every move didnt make me ache! I can do all the crunches and jumps, the only thing I still tire on is arms!!

I cant believe the days are ticking away so fast until spring break! I need to book our vacation this weekend!

Where is your ideal vacation spot?
I would LOVE to go to Bora Bora! A beautiful island in French Polynesia, they have huts out in the lagoon on stilts with glass bottom floors so you can see the ocean, and jet skiis tied up outside your hut! Amazing...Id love to just lie in a hammock and let ALL my stress melt away!

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