Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 20



I was a good girl and had oats for breakfast, even though I didnt really feel like it!

oats- 210 calories with a few chopped strawberries and craisins, plus coffee- 300 calories total


360 calories of lentil soup

1 and a half cups of orange juice 200 calories (OUCH)
Strawberry yogurt (70 calories) with some sliced strawberries

I have a photo I will post later, I basically made a quick dinner while studying (ALL DAY- ugh!!) of 1 soy 'chicken' scallopini (90 caloreis) cooked in Braggs Liquid Aminos and seasoned with lemon juice, pepper and salt, 1 wholewheat sliced deli flat with spicy hummus, and a side salad of 1 cucumber and 1 tomato chopped- about 300 calories total :)

Total calories for the day:
1260 - 60 over but still ok =D>

I was doing exams/studying until 10pm so I didnt have time to work out at all :(

I was kinda swamped by books all day like thisbut I did well in my exams! :D

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