Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 6


2 Van's wholemeal waffles with natural syrup - 200 calories
Coffee- about 100 calories of almond milk as creamer

Went to a place called Designer Greens and ordered a salad. It was MASSIVE, the biggest salad I've ever had at a restaurant, they made it in a big mixing bowl and then gave me the bowl to eat out of! It was my first time here, and I loved it- its not a chain, there are only two stores in Florida. And their whole emphasis is on making salads the entree. I did have to give my man half my salad though, it was TOO big!

Indian cuisine- yellow rice, dahl, pea and curd subji, dai vaddha, and sweet rice. Then we hung out at friends house and I had a small bowl of chocolate pudding (my friend made four bowls and handed me one, how could I say no? Oh well- more working out tomorrow!!) and two glasses of wine (I stayed away from the delicous but higher calorie beers and ciders!)

Not sure about the calories today- but probably over my 1200 limit!! It was pretty healthy until dinner really- isnt it hard to be social and NOT eat/drink?!

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