Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weightloss with the Transition Module!! (The Four Day Diet By Dr. Ian Smith)

So after I did the four day detox I went into what Dr. Smith calls the transition phase. And boy have I lost WEIGHT :D !!!  Even with a massive cheat day on Monday-(you may remember I mentioned I had a True Blood premier party I had to host right? Well...I will fill you in on Mondays debauchery later....photo evidence at the end of this post)

However, even on Tuesday I am....wait for it.....127.6 pounds! WOW....Finally down from the 131 I was stuck on for a month!!  And that takes my total weight loss from when I started this year to 15.4 pounds!! That's a LOT- have you ever lifted a fifteen pound dumbbell? Yeah baby, I just worked that OFF my body!! Keep in mind that I am very close to my goal weight- if I was obese I'm sure it would have sounded better eg. 30 pounds! But for me 1 pound is like 30 pounds for a 500 pound person....hard to get rid of, and an accomplishment worth celebrating!

I am SO glad I started doing this eating plan and doing all the recommended cardio too, because it has REALLY worked. It helped kick me of the plateau I was on, and I feel so inspired and motivated! Its been easy in that I didn't have to sit there and try figure out daily calories or anything, I just ate the food I was allowed on my list! :D

I wasn't hungry either, I've felt full the past few days!
So let me fill you in on the Transition Phase.

It is still a very healthy phase compared to some of the upcoming modules (cant wait for the Smooth module, I get to eat pizza :D )

 I was a bit daunted looking at the food list for the four days of Transition- it all looked SO healthy with very little room for creativity!

However, once I hit up the local organic store and came home with a bunch of goodies like blueberries and raspberries it seemed I would be able to make it more fun after  all :D You are allowed two snacks on each day (from a list on page 139 of the book) eg. a small seven grain Belgian waffle (which I didn't buy, instead I made them myself with Hodgson Mill flour!)

I kept a food journal in a little daily planner so I could mark down what I'd already eaten of my list and not lose track.

Writing it down was still way easier thany tallying up calories like I usually used to do!

I dont think ya'll need an overdose of everything I ate though but let me give you a sample day:


A whole grain waffle with blueberries mixed in the batter and blueberry sauce on top (made with half a cup of fresh blueberries, a little cornstarch and raw honey)


A 2 cup garden salad (spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, kalamtas, cucumbers) and a cup of roasted garbanzo beans seasoned with chili flakes and onion powder and tossed into the salad, topped off with Asian sesame salad dressing (2Tbps) and a Tbsp of lemon juice

A cup of diet lemonade (allowed one diet drink a day in this module- I skipped anything with caffeine in it though, but having pink lemonade made me feel naughty enough for the day LOL without having to resort to sweets!)


4oz of vegetarian protein - Gardein 'chicken' cooked with a light mango salsa, with a cup of steamed carrots and a side salad of sliced cucumber and ranch

I took this with a smart phone, hence the quality!


1 Chobani or Stonyfield yogurt, a pear, an apple
A new fave!!
Strictly more what the diet calls for- no fruit on the bottom!

I did every required day of working out, even the one that called for 30 min in the morning and 30 min. at night ( I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD in the morning, gym at night! I was VERY excited when I could actually do the harder sit up moves on LEVEL THREE for the FIRST time ever!! How far I've come...)

 It wasn't always easy getting to the gym, but I made it my NUMBER ONE priority! I had to skip a few things I would have liked to attend to make it happen. But I wanted to get all my workouts DONE so I could have my 'rest' day fall on Monday when I was having friends over for True Blood!


Lets talk about my infamous Monday.....I ate a slice of this

Luscious glazed strawberries nestled on a bed of sweet Bavarian creme, atop a flaky golden crust.

And a slice of this creamy yet tart key lime pie:

And I made Pina Ghouladas like I said I would,and I made it all fresh- pineapple juice, OJ, heavy cream, coconut cream- no pina colda ready mix in MY house thank you very much...!

And here is a pic of me with the finished prodcut, including lychee/strawberry/blueberry 'eyeballs' and hard candy 'blood' dripping down the cup! My man and I had SO much fun prepping these!

Everybody loved them! We had fresh popcorn and mini-sandwiches too, but I just stuck to the popcorn!

I guess the message behind my confession of totally not following the four day diet on Monday is that you can STILL lose weight if you have a day off occasionally. Especially if you add an extra day to the module like I am. I'm doing another day of Transition to make up for the one I lost- which basically works out to an extra day of working out.

I wouldn't cheat more than once every two modules though. And I wouldn't cheat for more than a day- if you keep adding make up days to your module it defeats the whole purpose of the way the diet is planned, which is to keep you interested.

 I can only manage one more day of Transition, I'm getting kinda bored with the food list! I'm looking forward to the Protein Stretch phase though! I get to have a soy 'turkey' sandwich for lunch, and I'm going to bake my own multi-grain bread so that its awesome :D

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