Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 8

There is a great resource I came across in my nutrition book I'm studying this semester for analyzing your diet


Go to the my Pyramid Tracker tool and enter in all the food you ate for the day (write it down during the day so you remember everything!). Once you have entered it all in, you hit a button and get to see a full nutrition report. I thought I'd had a pretty healthy day yesterday, with quinoa and fresh veggies and blueberries in my oats, but I needed about one more cup of fruit to really hit my mark! Surprisingly, I was OVER the necessary amount of protien for the day, usually, as a vegetarian you always hear 'eat more protein!' but it was really fruit and dark leafy greens I needed to eat more of and not protein, very interesting!

Last night I mapped out everything I'm eating for the day in order to hit exactly 1200 calories, nothing more or less. A friend texted me saying she is bringing over sweet potato pie this evening though, which will definitely be a test of my determination!! And at work this morning the most chocolaty looking muffins are out in the kitchen as well as some sort of delicious looking crisp! Oh the temptations! But I need to be strong- just having a drink or two over the weekend and chocolate pudding at my friend's house already impacted my weight by a pound!


I purchased a new oatmeal, by Nature's Path. I got the variety pack to try out all the flavors and see what I like the best. This morning I tried Apple Cinnamon with a sliced banana.

Nature’s Path oatmeal comes in several varieties. The Nature’s Path brand provides 50g of oatmeal as compared to 30g that I normally see. You can tell it gives you more too when you pour it in the bowl- a nice change. It is higher calorie per pack to- 210 calories rather than 110 for the little Quaker packets.

Total breakfast calories= 310


Amy's Organic enchilada- 390 calories.


VitaTop- blueberry bran (100 calories) Not as tasty as banana nut or the chocolate, a lot more dry!

Total so far for the day= 800- that means I have 400 calories left for dinner


My knee still hurts, dont want to push it! Will do some abs/arms/stretching while watching a show =)


I made a massive salad and also had a teeny slice of sweet potato pie =)

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