Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you sick of carrying around those extra pounds? I am! Goals for 2011..

My Story:

 I've been struggling with my weight since I first moved out of home at 16 and thought that ramen noodles and fries were the two main food groups.

I can’t blame my parents, but they didn’t really stress the importance of healthy eating when I was growing up- my mum, a British workaholic type A personality lived off sandwiches, biscuits and coffee  and tea, and my dad, a chronic diabetic, ignored his sugar levels and drank 2 liter bottles of Pepsi daily while gorging on sweets. I was a slender teen, but that was mainly due to running around all day and having a nice youthful metabolism. Little did I know that it wouldn’t last… :(

 At my peak, I was 5 ft 4, with a slender frame but carrying around 154 pounds! /blur

 I grew up and matured and gained a bit of nutritional knowledge. I started cooking and eating healthy. I trimmed down to a lovely 135 pounds....and then I started full time secretarial work AND part time college = lots of sitting on my bum time! The pounds piled back on, especially in 2009 when I ate all the office goodies at Christmas time and gained a horrible TEN pounds! I was at my desk eating red velvet cupcakes and pizza kinda like this:

 It took me FOUR months of working out and eating right to get rid of the consequences of ONE month of bad eating, and I realized that my body, now its its early 20’s was conspiring against me. It holds on to every single pound, as if urging me to reproduce. /no   nooo!

Recently, I’ve ballooned up to 143 pounds. Why?  Well, Ive been trying to be healthy. I work out on occasion. I eat right about 60% of the time. But its not enough. On week days I lack time (evening college+ 9 hour sitting on my butt work days) and on the weekends I lack self discipline. :(
 I’ve also been falling prey to eating like a man. What does that mean? Well, basically, I live with a man who can have dinner, then a snack, then another dinner of say, pizza, at 10 or 11pm….its REALLY hard to go to bed kinda hungry with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen and hearing his satisfied grunting as he tucks into another meal...not that any of these factors are an excuse -it is time for change!



I’m sick of it.

Im sick and tired of not feeling 100% fabulous in my bikini.

I dont want the summer of 2011 to be like the summer of 2010 and the summer of 2009 – not that I loath my body or anything, but I don’t like feeling self conscious all of a sudden, when sitting down to relax in the sand and seeing ripples of fat between my bikini top and bottom…

I want strength. I want to be able to rock climb. I want to be able to carry heavy objects and have the stamina to go on hiking trips with my University outdoor team.

I want to be able to run for ten minutes without needing to stop and take a breath.

I want to have the right body weight for my body frame.

I want my body to be proportionate. I want thighs that are as big as thighs should be……not bigger!

I want my body to be under my control, rather than controlling me

My Goals: Short Term:

135 pounds by Spring Break - thats a 7 pound loss from where I am now

132 pounds by April (Summer here in Florida!)

And long term? 130 pounds, and FIT! And looking like this when I sit on the beach (minus the fake tan and air brushing lol) :


Well I have surpassed my original goals! I'm 125 pounds now and working towards 120 and more tone/definition/strength. I have more energy and confidence in my body, and I feel happier not carrying around all those extra pounds and toxins!

 My cheeks arent so big, my skin tone on my legs has improved dramatically from dimply to firm and my stomach has shrunk! The reality of how much it shrunk struck when I put on a pair of shorts that had NEVER fit me, and the fit just fine! :D
                                                                  Before and After Pic

October 2011  compared to January 2011
Another UPDATE: 6/1/2012- Well I reached my goal of 120!! And I do look better on the beach now :D Im finally FIT FOR SUMMER :D
YOU can do it to...be patient, dont expect results overnight (It took me a while to realize that if I did 100 crunches and ate healthy all day I wasnt going to dramatically change overnight haha) but keep at it..because the changes will come eventually if you just keep at it....and when you get to your goal, nothing feels better :D
ME on the beach in Australia!

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