Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 45, 46,47,48

Ooops......a veeeery busy time leads to a lack of proper logging!!! I've been pretty healthy, though I havent had time to work out at all!! I really want to change that!
a cute pic for you to make up for me falling off the blog bandwagon!

Still at 133-134 pounds though, depending on the day, which is at my goal for spring break :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 43


I grabbed a 100 calorie banana nut vita top on my way out the door! Running late....

Mid Morning Snack:

Activia strawberry yogurt- 70 calories
Coffee- creamer = 50 calories


I went to the veggie lunch on campus where I work and had- Potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots & Chick Peas in a Curry Sauce; salad, Southern Red Beans and Rice; Raspberry Rage Halava and Shanti Tea
About 600 calories
I felt on the cusp of being sick all day, and thought that maybe real cooked food would be good, but no, still felt bad......and I was really craving soda! I had diet soda on Monday to get me through the day but then found myself really wanting it Tuesday- I had tea, water, shanti tea- nothing felt like it would be as good as a soda.....but I didnt do it, I held off!


Finally something as good, even better than a soda- a Green Goddess Smoothie-
Sliced Mangoes
almond milk
Blended into pure amazingness, soooo delicous, even my man loves it!

about 450 calories

Evening snack:

Peanut butter and almonds- 200 calories

I tried out our new neighbourhood gym, it was great! I was also pretty stoked that I could run for half an hour, its been aaaaages since I was in an offical gym but my home workouts have kept me in shape!

Wow, way too many calories for the day though! 1500 when I should have been at 1200!! Not good!  At least they were quality calories, still toooo many of them!

Day 44


290 calorie Amy's Breakfast Burrito
Coffee= 50 calories in milk

340 total

Going to go light today, have an Amy's tofu and vegetable lasanga with me- 310 calories

650 so far


1 soy 'chicken' scallopini (90 calories) with side salad of tomatoes and cucumber
Green Goddess smoothie- 400 calories
500 calories

Total for the day 1490

Still tooooooo many!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 42

Wow, only 13 days until Spring Break!!!! eeeek!! So close, Im so excited, I need to start planning the trip soon, I want to have at least a rough agenda of places I'd like to see etc as I dont want to be on google in my hotel room trying to figure that out! I cant believe I will be ziplining in two weeks! And riding a mule lol....
Puerto Vallarta


I had a heavier breakfast, trying to load my calories towards the beginning of the day!
2 veggie burger patties at 80 calories each, a wholewheat deli flat, sprouts, tomatoes and hummus= 300 calories

coffee creamer (no sugar)- 50 calories

350 Total

Amy's Soft Taco Fiesta- looks NASTY but tasted good- 200 calories (well, 220 but I spilled at least 20 lol)

I went to a friends house and had grilled veggie burgers- too much food but she had so sweetly provided for me I couldnt say no!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 41, Day 13 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred


I did day 13 of the 30 Day shred, and meant to do it that evening to but I have a mid-term exam this week and an exam on Monday so I was studying for both!

Interesting thing I read in my nutrition textbook- your body usually stores fat in your lower layer, adipose tissue....but when you are physically active, your body first takes extra fat directly to your muscle tissue, so the next time you work out it is there to be used up for energy! How neat is that? Our bodies really reflect our actions! 


A "Green Goddess" fruit and spinach and yogurt smoothie, mmm...

Roasted potatoes with roasted stuffed zucchini....I stuffed them with hummus and feta, delish!

Leftovers from lunch! And a fresh strawberry daiquiri :D

Studying my nutrition textbook also made me feel GREAT about being vegetarian! I was on the protein chapter, and they talk quite a bit about how superior legumes are to meat, and how they prevent cancer, have lower fat and fiber than meat etc!  

Also, I've always thought fish was a good source of omegas and protein and wondered if not eating it was bad for my health, but in my textbook it showed that flaxseeds have higher omega 3 than fish! And then they talked about how you should vary the type of fish you eat because you can get a build up of toxicity from contaminated fish and they can be harmful for pregnant women....guess what, flaxseeds DONT do that :P

In other news- 133 pounds!!! I've lost TEN Pounds!! Wow!

I would reward myself but I just spent $80 on shoes and summer dresses last night so I think I already have ;)

Now to get to the next five :)

Day 40


I had a bowl of pre measured granola (necessary as it is quite high in calories, so I only had a half a cup!) and milk, 200 calories


We went kayaking at the lake, and had a picnic out on the water. I had half a falafel pita,saving half for later as it was quite large, and a piece of baklava...mmmm :D

When we got home I felt quite exhausted from the sun! It was my first day out in the 80 degree sunshine and first day in a bikini too! Feeling a bit dehydrated, I made a 'Green Goddess' Smoothie, with mango,strawberries, banana, yogurt, juice, spirolina, spianch- it made me feel sooo much better!


The rest of that Pita, yum!


Well, I rowed on the lake for an hour, and washed my car and cleaned the house- that was enough to tire me out!
the lake we picnicked on

Day 39

Hmmm.....I did not log my meals this day, but I remember a healthy breakfast, a pita for lunch and quinoa and veggies for dinner making me feel great =) 

I also stuck to my calorie budget except for a 2 drinks on my night out. I also went for an hour long walk with my dogs and my man around the lake, beautiful weather here in Florida! The lake looked like an oil painting,so beautiful! What a great way to be active too :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 38

I'm weighing in consistently at 135.4!!!! Only 0.4 of a pound until I reach my goal! =D  I've lost 7.6 pounds!! /wahaha

Progress Report:

I'm near my weight loss goal for Spring Break and feel like I will reach it in time :)


I've done 12 days of Jillian's 30 day shred. I have done this over the past 27 days, as I started the 30 Day shred on Day 11 of this blog :) I've done at least 4 other days of other types of working out, so I will subtract 4 from 27 - and that means over the past 23 days I've done 12 workouts, which means I did 11 days of not working out, which equates to working out every other day. That is not as bad as I thought!! I felt like I'd done less so that cheers me up :D 

I want to make MORE of an effort though!! Looking over my blog, I noticed my post on sleep. I haven been heeding my own advice about 8 hours much recently, and I want to make that important to me again as I need the energy to work out! Otherwise it is tooo hard!!

So, I've got 18 days of the 30 Day Shred left...and I have 17 full days left before my vacation...I REALLY want to complete the cycle of 30 Day Shredding- so how to do that? I think I will double up my workouts on some days- lets say on the 19th and the 26th- those Saturdays I will do it TWICE (eeek!)

Any tips on getting in daily workouts?? I'm thinking- 8 hours sleep


Nature's Path Apple Cinnamon Oats


Krishna Lunch! Campus vegetarian group - Mixed Veggies in Sour Cream Sauce with Tofu; New Orleans Rice and Red Bean; Mango Pineapple Halava and Karma Free Tea =) 


Green Goddess Smoothie!

1 banana, 1 cup greek plain yogurt, 1 kiwi, a quater of a mango, strawberries, spianch, almond milk, vanilla essences and a teaspoon of spirolina!


I was sooo hungry at about 10pm...I had a veggie burger patty, plain (90 calories) thinking that would make me feel full but I still wanted to eat! I avoided the Hersheys Kisses on the kitchen counter, and made myself a bowl of sauteed fresh spinach with lemon juice, salt and a sprinkling of feta - go me!  


Did Level 1 of Jillians Yoga Meltdown- totally kicked me a$$! 
Even harder than the 30 day shred! Will probably do this AFTer I've finished the 30 Day Shred! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 37....only 18 Days until vacation,eeeep!! Oh...and my Cobb house obsession...


Bruschetta Burger on a deli flat with hummus and coffee= about 300 calories (90 for the burger, 100 for the deli flat, about 40 in hummus and about 70 calories of creamer)


Suneen Avacado and Hummus wholewheat 415 calories


I made a Green Goddess with strawberries, a mango, blueberries, a banana, yogurt, almond milk, spirolina powder and spianch- YUM, and the quickest way to down those nutrients

Have you heard of Cob or Cobb houses? I'm a bit obsessed! I recently heard about them from a friend who is very into sustainable living and discovered that out of all the eco friendly housing options, they are cheap and very cute!

These houses have been around for hundreds of years, especially in Devon, England, where my mothers ancestors are from, many still surviving hundreds of years later!
Traditional Devon Cobb house

Definition: In Old English, cob was a root word that meant lump or rounded mass. Cob houses are made of clay-like lumps of soil, sand, and straw. Unlike adobe and straw bale construction, cob does not use bricks or blocks. Instead, wall surfaces can be sculpted into smooth, sinuous forms. A cob home may have sloping walls, arches and lots of wall niches. 
Cob homes are one of the most durable types of earth architecture. Because the mud mixture is porous, cob can withstand long periods of rain without weakening. A plaster made of lime and sand may be used to windproof the exterior walls from wind damage.
Cob houses are suitable for the desert or for very cold climates.

Cute Hobbit House!!!

Gorgeous Cob house!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 36 Back to the daily grind

So after taking the day off from work for Valentine’s day its back to the office (sigh!)


My 'Green Goddess', a delicious green morning smoothie full of nutrients and an easy way to get my daily fruits and veggies!

It really tastes like a normal berry/banana smoothie but is sooo good for me - read more about the green monster movement here :)

Green Goddess
 The Green Goddess
2 Activia strawberry yogurts
1 banana
A handful of blueberries
1 teaspoon of spirolina powder
2 big handfuls of spinach
Some cranberry juice
Blended- yummy!! And quick. About 300 calories


Leftovers from valentines day- paneer/cauliflower/peas/potatoe ‘subji’ aka/curry and quinoa
About 500 calories
Valentines day food from which I had leftovers


A veggie burger with side salad. Im loving the Boca Bruschetta burgers, very tasty!
About 300 calories


I DID it! I had to do two hours of reading after dinner and still have a ton of washing up to do from all my vday cooking, but I prioritized my workout over the dishes! I did Level 2 of Jillians 30 Day Shred, Day 11! 

Go ME! I felt good afterwards, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to do it at 10pm at night, but after work and homework it was the ONLY time I had! :(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 32, Day 33, Day 34, Day 35

So on Friday I can't actually remember what I ate, but I know it was healthy as my weight was maintained and my stomach flat ;)

I also did Day 10 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred.....and about a half hour of yoga after that, it felt really nice to do on a Friday evening, I loaded up some YouTube videos for upper and lower back yoga and dimmed the lights, it was really relaxing and made my back feel great!!

Saturday was a hectic day as I made a last minute hair appointment! I had to rush there, so only had a half a deli flat for breakfast and then a green monster after 4pm when I got home! The ombre she did on my hair turned out wonderful though, so it was worth the hunger!! I had a veggie burger and 100 calorie yogurt for dinner and was at an all time low the next morning on the scale. I couldn't work out though, as my stylist forbid it after my blow dry loL! But I did go to the mall and walk around for a few hours, Im sure thats allowed ;)

My Inspiration pic of ombre

Sunday was all about eating healthy, I had a green monster for breakfast and then some Indian food at a friends house for dinner, perfect hearty meal :)

Monday- well, Valentines day cannot count right? We went out for a lovely breakfast, I had two biscuits and a half order of french toast with lots of coffee.

 It was such a perfect sunny morning with my love :D I then made us an awesome dinner (we didn't really do anything for lunch, we were full!!)

We dont really go in for the whole 'commercial' side of valentines man doesnt really care for cards (or hallmark!) or teddy bears etc, and I dont really want him wasting $$$$ on flowers- instead, he got me some super thoughtful and cute gifts, and I cooked a whole ton of his favorite things, buying all the groceries with my own money too!

I made an Indian themed dinner (its a cuisine I can cook really well having grown up there!) I made a curry/subji of panner (indian cheese, deep fried!) and peas, cauliflower, potatoes in a sour cream and tomato sauce..mmmmmmm

I made a tomato based quinoa to make it I could shape it into a heart on the plate...sooo cute! I wanted red quinoa but the store was out, and I didnt have any beet juice to dye it red with, so tomato was the next best thing :)

I made beer battered potatoes made with IPA, as it is a flavorsome beer, perfect for cooking!

I also made him his moms snickerdoodles as a surprise, with Hershey's kisses in the middle of them, it was really cute to see how excited he got when he saw them! I also made him a big, beautiful strawberry cheesecake!

 The cheesecake was really the most amazing thing, I couldnt believe I actually made it, it came out sooooo good, and my strawberry swirled heart and word "Love" on it baked well too!! I think the condensed milk I put in it, and the touch of vanilla, really made it pop! I'd love to make a mango cheesecake next!! Its so fun.
We also shared a nice bottle of champagne, my treat :)

The pink packages are some of the presents he got ME, the food is my pressie to him :)

Surprisingly, I wasnt thaaaat hungry- a small portion of the subji/quinoa filled me right up and I had to make sure not to eat tooo much so I had room for cheesecake :D

Overall, a pretty healthy weekend, except for valentines day ;) Thankfully, my man got me lots of awesome presents OTHER than candy or chocolate as he knows better lol! Instead, he was very supportive because.......guess what? As part of my presents he got me Jillians YOGA DVD!! /XD

What a PERFECT present!! I will alternate it with my 30 Day Shred!! 

One of my other favorite presents is the book on makeup he got me. He went to Books A Million to find a book on something that interested me....he couldnt find me a book on vegetarian recipes under 300 calories (awww, he remembered me saying I'd love to find a book like that!!) but instead found a book on makeup technique as he knows I love playing around with my warpaint lol! I'm learning a lot too, didnt realize how good an investment makeup brushes are, or that I shouldnt be tugging on the skin under my eye when I apply concealer, but apply it with a brush instead!

PS - I had a WONDERFUL low weight on Saturday and Sunday, but I knew I'd be baking and cooking for my guy on Valentines day and so my weight today wouldnt be that low again, my big hope today is that it goes back to Saturday/Sunday's low as it was only one bad day!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 31....Valentines Day on my mind!

I spent most of my morning at work looking at amazing recipes from various food bloggers in preparation for valentine’s day!  I LOVE celebrating valentines day, a day especially for couples in love :D

 Some people hate the day, but I think its great to commemorate love. Love and romance are almost derided by modern society, which seems to place money, looks and other  superficial values above it these days!  True Love, is amazing, life changing and a challenge at times,  it thoroughly deserves a special day all to itself!

However, I dont have a huuuuge presents budget at the moment! Our spring break Mexico holiday is coming up soon (YAY, so excited, its too long since our last proper vacation!), /XD and our four year anniversary is in March, so I'm saving my cash up for that! 
I still want to give my man something special though, because I know he will surprise me with some cute things (especially after I gave him a book on how to be romantic LOL! I thought that after 4 years together he could use some fresh, cool ideas!! I want to read the book too but he wont let me, he wants all the ideas to be a big surprise/secret!)
I'm excited, in our time together he has always gotten me great gifts, the first thing he ever gave me after only 3 months together was a silver/gold and diamond pendant, and we were in India together too finding something that nice took a lot of effort and searching as finer jewellry is hard to come by, he had to go specifically find a 'western' style store in a nearby 'big' city!  /blush

There are sooo many amazing food ideas online, really mouth watering treats! But maybe browsing the web looking at glossy color photos wasn’t the best idea, it made me SOO hungry! Despite having a healthy breakfast! I absolutely wolfed down lunch!

180 calories of Apple Spice Oats with one banana chopped into it (100 calories) and coffee (thank GOD lol, without coffee this morning I would have been a sleepy owl all day!) 50 calories

Total= 330 calories

About 600 calories I think…..once again I went to the vegetarian lunch on campus, and got a plate that included salad, rice with beans, potatoes in a pesto type sauce, and tea, all for $4! It was a bargain, and so hot and yummy on a cold, rainy day. I had to wear my new purple rain boots out from my office to get there, as big puddles have pooled around the campus!

I’m going to make another Green Goddess!! I had a massive lunch and am so full, so the Green Goddess will give me some lovely low calorie, not toooo filling nutrients. Much needed too as everyone around me is coughing and sniffling, I saw a report on the news where they said February is the month with the most colds and flus, I’ve already had a bout in December and sure don’t want one again!
I'm thinking spinach, yogurt, fruit and flax seeds blended :)
We have friends coming over this evening, but I really hope I can get a gym workout in or at least a 20 minute Jillian Session in, I feel SOOO much better when I do, my muscles are limber and my back doesn’t ache after a days work J

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 30 of eating right, and day 9 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred


So Laura from suggest I try green monsters!

Now I'd read about them ages ago, but never had fresh spinach on hand or thought to actually make one! But since I've gotten healthier, I've had bags of fresh spinach in the fridge (great snack wilted and hot with lemon juice and salt, or thrown into hot soups etc, I've been trying to work it into my diet more!) and I've been making fruit smoothies alot (the best way to quickly use up fruit that is starting to get a bit soft, and yogurt thats close to its expiration date lol!) :D

So this morning, I got up early (would not have thought this possilbe- I didnt acutally fall asleep earlier but for some reason I woke up at 5.45am feeling energetic? Maybe this healthy eating is actually working :D!)


And I did Day 9 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred at Level 2- couldnt put quite as much energy into it as I do at the end of the day, but it felt great and I got it out the way!

And then I made breakfast-

The Green Goddess

2 Activia Peach Yogurts (would have used Greek but finished it yesterday! 70 calories each)

A dash of no sugar added Cranberry juice

1 medium sized banana (100 calories)

3 Strawberries and half a cup of blueberries (about 50 calories) It as all I had left, I've been plowing through my fruit!

2 big handfuls of spinach (about 15 calories)

About 300 calories total, perfect

I blended it, and dubiously took a sip- it was delicious :D

I thought the spinach may make it a bit bitter, but the sweetness of the Activia's was more than enough to make it taste really really good!! I took a picture of my first Green Monster, I'll upload it later :)

I've made some baked squash and baked sweet potato, not sure of the calorie content but its a small enough container and I wont stuff myself :)


100 calorie, whole wheat vitatop (cranberry)

I used two 100 calorie whole wheat pitas to make 'pizza' - with half a cup of sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers and paremsan cheese plus a few kalamatas :) Yum!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 29


PHEW!! My weight is back down to 136.8- I was worried after Super Bowl Sunday's splurge but it seems my body just rebounds, great! :D In the past, it would have stuck!!


A super smoothie- greek plain yogurt, 1 cup of blueberries, 4 strawberries, 1 banana = YUM
and coffee

approx. 350 calories


Amy's Light and Lean Spinach Lasanga
250 calories
and an Activia Light Strawberry Yogurt- 70 calories

Well, I'd brought a bag of carrots to work but there was no ranch in the fridge like I'd thought so I went with the CranBran Vitatop - 100 calories

770 so far for the day


I was so ravenous when I got home I couldnt wait 45 minutes to make soup from scratch, so I boiled up some butternut squash and cut it into some Amy's Lentil Soup (200 calories for the soup), and topped it with fresh corriander and a tablespoon of fat free sour cream (about 350 calories I guess??).

At the same time I roasted some squash and sweet potatoes for lunch tomorrow. :D

I had an intense sugar need, so I baked a handful of blueberries in half a cup of yogurt topped with granola, then chilled it, it came out yummy (not as amazing as the pie I made recently, but waaay less calories as there was no pie crust!)