Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 16

Wow, I'm really feeling the aftershocks of working out!! /sweat I did day 4 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred yesterday 

 and it was SOOO hard to move my arms!! It HURT!  I use five pound weights and it doing all the movements with aching muscles killed me! It felt nice to finish though, I was pretty proud of myself for doing it on a day when I was exhausted from work+school+ hours of homework!! 
I found that turning off Jillian's voice and playing some of my own music made it that much better! /wahaha

This morning when I woke up my entire body was aching. I curled into fetal position and did NOT want to get out of bed lol! /no <-me trying to get out of bed hehe..

Jillian' Michaels- if I have ANY hope of getting abs like this I HAVE to keep doing the SHRED :)

I will take today off from 'shredding' as I have school right after work - Wednesday is my rest day from working out!! :D


1 little piece of baklava (50 calories) (I got it as a treat from the health food store last night- but I didnt eat it last night! I figured if I was going to eat something sweet it would be better in the morning when I actually could use the energy!) ;)

1 deli flat+ 1 veggie burger patty with hummus = 200 calories

coffee with almond milk as creamer, no sugar = 50 calories of creamer

Total breakfast calories= 300

Noon time snack:

My schedule is a bit out of wack with an event I have to do today, so my lunch is going to be late!

To keep my blood sugar/metabolism up I had a snack of Wallaby Organic Creamy Australian Style Lowfat yoghurt, in Maple.

For only 140 calories it was very creamy, but I wasnt a huge fan of the maple flavor. I might try Key Lime pie next time!! I bought it mainly because its Australian, I lived in New South Wales, Australia, for 3 and a half years and kinda miss some things!!


Small spinach and filo thingie + Larabar = 400 caloriesTotal calories so far for the day: 840

Things I'm resisting at work today:

Free lunch of a white bread veggie sandwich...(im taking it home for my man instead), free cookies, pretzels and sodas!

Had to rush to class after work, so dinner was all about health + fastness! So I started making a quick saute of:

quinoa (already cooked)

1 green bell pepper

1 red onion

Mock Duck (made from soy) - 108 calories worth, about a third of the can 
A half a cup of diced canned tomatoes (the whole can was more calories than I expected, so I had to just take a half a cup and tupperware the rest- I always thought tomatoes were low calorie, its been eye opening reading the labels on cans etc!!)
And garlic, salt, lemon juice and fresh ground pepper and a tablespoon of spicy hummus mixed in as well.
I had judged it to be a perfect 300 calorieish meal but then I realized I'd put in a WHOLE cup of quiona, instead of a HALF! A whole cup is 254 calories! That made my calorie estimate of what I was cooking WAY off... Ooops!   What to do?   /hmm 

I halved what I made, and ate half for dinner and tupperwared half for lunch at work. That made dinner only about about 280 calories, and so I also had an activa strawberry yogurt for 70 calories for dessert. 

 Total calories for the day: 1190 Yay- :D Perfect



  1. omg thats my most favorite pic of Jillian everrrrrr

  2. isnt it!! She looks so sexy instead of scary lol ;)