Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3

I'm seeing results already! I haven't had a single moment of free time to work out since I started, with the amount of reading and homework I've had to do after work for school (Gilgamesh etc for Humanities, ugh!!) but I'm already feeling trimmer, my pants feel a bit looser, and I've dropped from 143 to 139.6 pounds!

That's 3.4 pounds lost! Wow! I can only imagine how great I will feel if I continue this and incorporate work outs into my day! =)

The first day was the hardest- I felt a bit light headed and RAVENOUS! But by the second day my stomach had shrunk already and agreed to just make do with what I was giving it ;)

1 Vita Top Bran muffin (100 cals)+ 1 veggie patty (95 cals) + sugarless coffee with almond milk (50 cals) 245 calories.

I would have made a better breakfast if Id had more time, but I was literally running out the door as I ate! I need to get up a little bit earlier LOL, but work and then class until 10pm last night left me exhausted!

Amy's Brown rice and Veggies bowl (low sodium) - 260 calories

Diet Lipton Green Tea (not ideal- don't want aspartame in my diet!! Must remember to bring a water bottle so I don't succumb to buying this stuff)

Things I'm resisting at work today:
In our kitchen at work there is a decadently delicious carrot cake, all sorts of muffins, and a platter of these babies from eclairs, mini cheesecakes, mini cakes, fudge....

Yes, I picked up a small square of fudge. I know how good it is, I've had them before. I held it. I put it down. YES :) Its hard though!!! But I must resist...

Getting through most of the day on 505 calories was getting to be toooo hunger inducing, so I had my snack- 1 light Activia Peach Yogurt, and a VitaTop chocolate muffin (170 cal total)  bringing my total so far to 675, and leaving me with 500 cals for the rest of the day.

I'm thinking of making this for dinner

Simple, fresh spinach cooked in garlic and olive oil, with lemon juice and maybe a touch of Parmesan. Quinoa cooked in veggie broth with added Greek yogurt and fire roasted tomatoes might be a nice addition too...we will see ;)

So I made the spinach, quiona in sambhar broth + a salsa soy 'chicken' scallopini - 355 cals + a vitatop for dessert (yes, Im on a bit of a vitatop kick!) with one teaspoon of iceream

Did half an hour of skipping/yoga/dumbells too!

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