Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 7

Wow, coming to day seven already!

After last night's extra calories (1 bowl of pudding and 2 glasses of wine at my friend's house) I'm going to be extra vigilant today! Tomorrow is weigh in day and I want to be happy with my results!

2 pcks of plain oatmeal (200 calories), a handful of blueberries and stevia + a dash of natural syrup and almond milk
300 calories
Coffee- creamer = 50 calories

Total= 350

2 Amy's Organic Burriots- 290 calories each, eaten a few hours apart to keep that metabolism going

16oz of yellow squash cooked with braggs and spices, and half a cup of cooked quinoa

This was all 1200 calories, but I think I went over with some trail mix and too much diet soda!

Dissapointing weight of 140 instead of the 139 I saw a few days ago! My knee is injured though (not sure HOW, buts its puffy and soooore!) which has hampered my working out!

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