Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 19

Well, thank god the weekend is here!! :D

I felt a lot better this morning after some TLC yesterday, so we got up and headed to the market, I got some fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and fruit, it was a gorgeous sunny morning!

 Oatmeal - Nature's Path Apple Cinnamon 200 calories + coffee (50 calories of milk?)

A 'Bombay Style' veggie burger (made with peas etc!), a wholewheat bun, hummus- 300 calories

Snack+ Workout:
My sweety and I decided to go on a nice long bike ride instead of working out indoors, much more fun!
not me, about 20 pounds lighter, obviously, but I felt like this :)

..and while we were cycling around town I took him to Karma Cream, a local organic ice cream place. We split a scoop of delicious ice cream and then kept cycling! So YUMMY! :D I love the fact that Karma Cream has orange blossom honey and agave nectar to put on your ice cream and lots of vegan options, very awesome! :D

calorie estimate- about 50?

Not sure what Im going to do yet- something light though as it is my friend's birthday party tonight and if Im going to have a few drinks I dont want to go over my calorie budget- I'm at 650 calories right now, so maybe a 200 calorie bowl of oats to soak up the liquor!

Update- so I had a scramble of leftovers I wanted to get rid of - quinoa,veggies,noodles, it came out yummy!!

I only had 1 drink, so that was good of me! :) It felt nice the next morning too!!!

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