Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2


1 Boca Veggie Patty (95 cals), 1 Vitatop banana muffin (100 calories) Coffee (50 calories in almond milk)
Total= 245 total calories


Usually, a challenge for me is the day I cater our monthly office party- all morning I fetch food, make food, set food up- my whole day is so food centered I usually feel the need to reward myself with a slice of cake.

 This time I didn't. I did the same routine-  a lunch for 28 people, sandwiches and chips ordered from Crispers and a carrot cake and assorted sweets from Publix + a salad I made

 (spinach, spring mix, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis+raspberry walnut dressing, yum! Whenver berries are on sale I buy them for work and home and  have them with EVERYTHING)

However....I only had the salad for lunch, TWO chips on side (just for the flavor!), and 2 teeny desserts from a platter rather than one big slice of cake with ice cream!
Lunch I'd estimate to be about - 300 calories of salad, 100 calories of desserts= 400 total


 I took my Crispers Veggie Bistro sandwich home and had it for dinner, splitting it with my man (half a Crispers sandwich= 350 calories) at about 5pm, then had one more veggie patty (95 calories) and a cup of almond milk (80 cals) after class at 10pm when I was feeling hungry (keep that metabolism going!) Total Dinner calories = 525

Im really enjoying Almond milk! I always thought it would be gross, and low in calcium, but after trying it I think it tastes great and it has exactly the same amount of calcim+ is less likely to make you bloaty as its lactose free!
Total Calories=  1170  yay =) Perfect! My daily goal is 1200 and I bet I misjudged my desserts so Im sure that was really the total ;)

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