Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 22


I've got some meal photos I need to upload later.....anyway..


Nature's Path Instant Oats, 1 satchet, 210 calories (Flax flavor- actually pretty good!!)

I was late for work so I just grabbed the satchet and brought it in with me, thank god or Id have succumbed to baked goodies!!


I had made vegetable udon noodles with mock duck (braised gluten), tofu, half a red pepper, purple onions and brags...YUM! :D

About 300 calories (had a portion controlled amount!!)


None- I was saving up my calories for an after dinner treat!!


My sweet man made me dinner, purple cabbage, sausage, and a taco...mmm...about 400 calories max?

After Dinner TREAT:

I had a buy one get one free for D'Lites Emporium, they do an ice cream that is only 50 calories a serving! I was suprised that it is made with real sugar too, not aspartame! :)

And The whole shop was super diet friendly, filled with low calorie/sugar free baked goods, baking supplies, waffle syrups and the like..AND vitatops in flavors Ive never had!! ...

but the BEST thing was the ice cream! SO smooth, creamy, yummy- and only 50 calories!!

I got the chocolate macaroon flavor and my man got mango, and we walked around in the warm evening eating ice cream, it was fun :)

I walked for about half an hour today, but after going for a full on 2 hour grocery shop I didnt have time left in the evening to work out! The  good news is I FINALLY have a FULLLLL fridge brimming with healthy options!!

In other news- we finally booked our spring break vacation :D We are going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where mountains meet the sea.

I've got exciting ziplining and catamaran adventures booked, soooooooo excited! And what a great way to get motivated to do well eating right/working out!! BIKINI soon /XD

Not  that I dont live in a vacation destination already! The weather in Florida is actually pretty nice...compared to the rest of the country...

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