Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 28

Fun but crazy weekend, with waaay too many calories on Superbowl Sunday!! I know it wasnt good for me either as I've felt kinda sick and nauseous all morning, my body is like 'WTF? What WAS all of that about?!' lol...

150 calorie Wallaby Vanilla Yogurt- YUMMMY + coffee

380 calorie Amy's burrito....left my wallet at home so I had to have what I'd stashed in the work fridge!

200 calorie Amy's lentil soup with fresh corriander in it, and a deli flat on the side with hummus = 350 calories + a glass of white wine 120 calories

Total for the day: 1000 (good, I wanted to go a bit lighter today) :D

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