Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 32, Day 33, Day 34, Day 35

So on Friday I can't actually remember what I ate, but I know it was healthy as my weight was maintained and my stomach flat ;)

I also did Day 10 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred.....and about a half hour of yoga after that, it felt really nice to do on a Friday evening, I loaded up some YouTube videos for upper and lower back yoga and dimmed the lights, it was really relaxing and made my back feel great!!

Saturday was a hectic day as I made a last minute hair appointment! I had to rush there, so only had a half a deli flat for breakfast and then a green monster after 4pm when I got home! The ombre she did on my hair turned out wonderful though, so it was worth the hunger!! I had a veggie burger and 100 calorie yogurt for dinner and was at an all time low the next morning on the scale. I couldn't work out though, as my stylist forbid it after my blow dry loL! But I did go to the mall and walk around for a few hours, Im sure thats allowed ;)

My Inspiration pic of ombre

Sunday was all about eating healthy, I had a green monster for breakfast and then some Indian food at a friends house for dinner, perfect hearty meal :)

Monday- well, Valentines day cannot count right? We went out for a lovely breakfast, I had two biscuits and a half order of french toast with lots of coffee.

 It was such a perfect sunny morning with my love :D I then made us an awesome dinner (we didn't really do anything for lunch, we were full!!)

We dont really go in for the whole 'commercial' side of valentines day.....my man doesnt really care for cards (or hallmark!) or teddy bears etc, and I dont really want him wasting $$$$ on flowers- instead, he got me some super thoughtful and cute gifts, and I cooked a whole ton of his favorite things, buying all the groceries with my own money too!

I made an Indian themed dinner (its a cuisine I can cook really well having grown up there!) I made a curry/subji of panner (indian cheese, deep fried!) and peas, cauliflower, potatoes in a sour cream and tomato sauce..mmmmmmm

I made a tomato based quinoa to make it red...so I could shape it into a heart on the plate...sooo cute! I wanted red quinoa but the store was out, and I didnt have any beet juice to dye it red with, so tomato was the next best thing :)

I made beer battered potatoes made with IPA, as it is a flavorsome beer, perfect for cooking!

I also made him his moms snickerdoodles as a surprise, with Hershey's kisses in the middle of them, it was really cute to see how excited he got when he saw them! I also made him a big, beautiful strawberry cheesecake!

 The cheesecake was really the most amazing thing, I couldnt believe I actually made it, it came out sooooo good, and my strawberry swirled heart and word "Love" on it baked well too!! I think the condensed milk I put in it, and the touch of vanilla, really made it pop! I'd love to make a mango cheesecake next!! Its so fun.
We also shared a nice bottle of champagne, my treat :)

The pink packages are some of the presents he got ME, the food is my pressie to him :)

Surprisingly, I wasnt thaaaat hungry- a small portion of the subji/quinoa filled me right up and I had to make sure not to eat tooo much so I had room for cheesecake :D

Overall, a pretty healthy weekend, except for valentines day ;) Thankfully, my man got me lots of awesome presents OTHER than candy or chocolate as he knows better lol! Instead, he was very supportive because.......guess what? As part of my presents he got me Jillians YOGA DVD!! /XD

What a PERFECT present!! I will alternate it with my 30 Day Shred!! 

One of my other favorite presents is the book on makeup he got me. He went to Books A Million to find a book on something that interested me....he couldnt find me a book on vegetarian recipes under 300 calories (awww, he remembered me saying I'd love to find a book like that!!) but instead found a book on makeup technique as he knows I love playing around with my warpaint lol! I'm learning a lot too, didnt realize how good an investment makeup brushes are, or that I shouldnt be tugging on the skin under my eye when I apply concealer, but apply it with a brush instead! Oops...lol

PS - I had a WONDERFUL low weight on Saturday and Sunday, but I knew I'd be baking and cooking for my guy on Valentines day and so my weight today wouldnt be that low again, my big hope today is that it goes back to Saturday/Sunday's low as it was only one bad day!!

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