Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 37....only 18 Days until vacation,eeeep!! Oh...and my Cobb house obsession...


Bruschetta Burger on a deli flat with hummus and coffee= about 300 calories (90 for the burger, 100 for the deli flat, about 40 in hummus and about 70 calories of creamer)


Suneen Avacado and Hummus wholewheat 415 calories


I made a Green Goddess with strawberries, a mango, blueberries, a banana, yogurt, almond milk, spirolina powder and spianch- YUM, and the quickest way to down those nutrients

Have you heard of Cob or Cobb houses? I'm a bit obsessed! I recently heard about them from a friend who is very into sustainable living and discovered that out of all the eco friendly housing options, they are cheap and very cute!

These houses have been around for hundreds of years, especially in Devon, England, where my mothers ancestors are from, many still surviving hundreds of years later!
Traditional Devon Cobb house

Definition: In Old English, cob was a root word that meant lump or rounded mass. Cob houses are made of clay-like lumps of soil, sand, and straw. Unlike adobe and straw bale construction, cob does not use bricks or blocks. Instead, wall surfaces can be sculpted into smooth, sinuous forms. A cob home may have sloping walls, arches and lots of wall niches. 
Cob homes are one of the most durable types of earth architecture. Because the mud mixture is porous, cob can withstand long periods of rain without weakening. A plaster made of lime and sand may be used to windproof the exterior walls from wind damage.
Cob houses are suitable for the desert or for very cold climates.

Cute Hobbit House!!!

Gorgeous Cob house!


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