Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 42

Wow, only 13 days until Spring Break!!!! eeeek!! So close, Im so excited, I need to start planning the trip soon, I want to have at least a rough agenda of places I'd like to see etc as I dont want to be on google in my hotel room trying to figure that out! I cant believe I will be ziplining in two weeks! And riding a mule lol....
Puerto Vallarta


I had a heavier breakfast, trying to load my calories towards the beginning of the day!
2 veggie burger patties at 80 calories each, a wholewheat deli flat, sprouts, tomatoes and hummus= 300 calories

coffee creamer (no sugar)- 50 calories

350 Total

Amy's Soft Taco Fiesta- looks NASTY but tasted good- 200 calories (well, 220 but I spilled at least 20 lol)

I went to a friends house and had grilled veggie burgers- too much food but she had so sweetly provided for me I couldnt say no!

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