Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 31....Valentines Day on my mind!

I spent most of my morning at work looking at amazing recipes from various food bloggers in preparation for valentine’s day!  I LOVE celebrating valentines day, a day especially for couples in love :D

 Some people hate the day, but I think its great to commemorate love. Love and romance are almost derided by modern society, which seems to place money, looks and other  superficial values above it these days!  True Love, is amazing, life changing and a challenge at times,  it thoroughly deserves a special day all to itself!

However, I dont have a huuuuge presents budget at the moment! Our spring break Mexico holiday is coming up soon (YAY, so excited, its too long since our last proper vacation!), /XD and our four year anniversary is in March, so I'm saving my cash up for that! 
I still want to give my man something special though, because I know he will surprise me with some cute things (especially after I gave him a book on how to be romantic LOL! I thought that after 4 years together he could use some fresh, cool ideas!! I want to read the book too but he wont let me, he wants all the ideas to be a big surprise/secret!)
I'm excited, in our time together he has always gotten me great gifts, the first thing he ever gave me after only 3 months together was a silver/gold and diamond pendant, and we were in India together too finding something that nice took a lot of effort and searching as finer jewellry is hard to come by, he had to go specifically find a 'western' style store in a nearby 'big' city!  /blush

There are sooo many amazing food ideas online, really mouth watering treats! But maybe browsing the web looking at glossy color photos wasn’t the best idea, it made me SOO hungry! Despite having a healthy breakfast! I absolutely wolfed down lunch!

180 calories of Apple Spice Oats with one banana chopped into it (100 calories) and coffee (thank GOD lol, without coffee this morning I would have been a sleepy owl all day!) 50 calories

Total= 330 calories

About 600 calories I think…..once again I went to the vegetarian lunch on campus, and got a plate that included salad, rice with beans, potatoes in a pesto type sauce, and tea, all for $4! It was a bargain, and so hot and yummy on a cold, rainy day. I had to wear my new purple rain boots out from my office to get there, as big puddles have pooled around the campus!

I’m going to make another Green Goddess!! I had a massive lunch and am so full, so the Green Goddess will give me some lovely low calorie, not toooo filling nutrients. Much needed too as everyone around me is coughing and sniffling, I saw a report on the news where they said February is the month with the most colds and flus, I’ve already had a bout in December and sure don’t want one again!
I'm thinking spinach, yogurt, fruit and flax seeds blended :)
We have friends coming over this evening, but I really hope I can get a gym workout in or at least a 20 minute Jillian Session in, I feel SOOO much better when I do, my muscles are limber and my back doesn’t ache after a days work J

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