Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 41, Day 13 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred


I did day 13 of the 30 Day shred, and meant to do it that evening to but I have a mid-term exam this week and an exam on Monday so I was studying for both!

Interesting thing I read in my nutrition textbook- your body usually stores fat in your lower layer, adipose tissue....but when you are physically active, your body first takes extra fat directly to your muscle tissue, so the next time you work out it is there to be used up for energy! How neat is that? Our bodies really reflect our actions! 


A "Green Goddess" fruit and spinach and yogurt smoothie, mmm...

Roasted potatoes with roasted stuffed zucchini....I stuffed them with hummus and feta, delish!

Leftovers from lunch! And a fresh strawberry daiquiri :D

Studying my nutrition textbook also made me feel GREAT about being vegetarian! I was on the protein chapter, and they talk quite a bit about how superior legumes are to meat, and how they prevent cancer, have lower fat and fiber than meat etc!  

Also, I've always thought fish was a good source of omegas and protein and wondered if not eating it was bad for my health, but in my textbook it showed that flaxseeds have higher omega 3 than fish! And then they talked about how you should vary the type of fish you eat because you can get a build up of toxicity from contaminated fish and they can be harmful for pregnant women....guess what, flaxseeds DONT do that :P

In other news- 133 pounds!!! I've lost TEN Pounds!! Wow!

I would reward myself but I just spent $80 on shoes and summer dresses last night so I think I already have ;)

Now to get to the next five :)

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