Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 25


New gym opening tomorrow, and a chance to actually cook/work out/eat right without being rushed along by the work week!! There is nothing nicer than having a slow breakfast outside in the sunshine....having another cup of coffee and savoring every morsel rather than my usual run out the door with something in hand or scoffed down ASAP!

Here is a photo of a breakfast I made during the summer when we could eat out in the garden - whole wheat raspberry waffles, natural syrup+condensed milk + fresh raspberrys on top= AMAZING


Another greek yogurt/blueberry smoothie minus the banana as I was out! Just blended yogurt/blueberries/vanilla essence and a whole wheat sandwhich thin with a lil organic jam + coffee =
400 calories

Went out for lunch with my man, had a 'burrito salad', but didnt eat the burrito, just the filling and that filled me right up without that overly full feeling (honestly, I was tempted to eat the burrioto but it smelt kinda fishy I think they cooked it on a hot plate used for fish tacos, so NOT eating it became that much easier!! Eww...dead fish!!)

Not sure yet, will update this later :)

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