Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 40


I had a bowl of pre measured granola (necessary as it is quite high in calories, so I only had a half a cup!) and milk, 200 calories


We went kayaking at the lake, and had a picnic out on the water. I had half a falafel pita,saving half for later as it was quite large, and a piece of baklava...mmmm :D

When we got home I felt quite exhausted from the sun! It was my first day out in the 80 degree sunshine and first day in a bikini too! Feeling a bit dehydrated, I made a 'Green Goddess' Smoothie, with mango,strawberries, banana, yogurt, juice, spirolina, spianch- it made me feel sooo much better!


The rest of that Pita, yum!


Well, I rowed on the lake for an hour, and washed my car and cleaned the house- that was enough to tire me out!
the lake we picnicked on

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