Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 43


I grabbed a 100 calorie banana nut vita top on my way out the door! Running late....

Mid Morning Snack:

Activia strawberry yogurt- 70 calories
Coffee- creamer = 50 calories


I went to the veggie lunch on campus where I work and had- Potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots & Chick Peas in a Curry Sauce; salad, Southern Red Beans and Rice; Raspberry Rage Halava and Shanti Tea
About 600 calories
I felt on the cusp of being sick all day, and thought that maybe real cooked food would be good, but no, still felt bad......and I was really craving soda! I had diet soda on Monday to get me through the day but then found myself really wanting it Tuesday- I had tea, water, shanti tea- nothing felt like it would be as good as a soda.....but I didnt do it, I held off!


Finally something as good, even better than a soda- a Green Goddess Smoothie-
Sliced Mangoes
almond milk
Blended into pure amazingness, soooo delicous, even my man loves it!

about 450 calories

Evening snack:

Peanut butter and almonds- 200 calories

I tried out our new neighbourhood gym, it was great! I was also pretty stoked that I could run for half an hour, its been aaaaages since I was in an offical gym but my home workouts have kept me in shape!

Wow, way too many calories for the day though! 1500 when I should have been at 1200!! Not good!  At least they were quality calories, still toooo many of them!

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