Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding & Goal weight for April REACHED :D

/hihi !! I hit my target weight yesterday, and today I was 131.8 pounds on the scale!! Now to KEEP it that way! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it this isn't just a fluke and I really have reached my goal weight for April :D

I'm embracing my British citizenship this morning by actually watching some of the wedding...I do wish they could just skip Prince Charles and make William King as he would look sooooo much cuter on the coins, I wouldn't mind having his face in my pocket ;)

Calories for the day so far:


300 calorie Naked Mango Drink -the perfect breakfast on the go!

A 5 juice blend with other natural Ingredients. An amazingly exotic, incredibly yummy multitude Of mango. and purest stuff in the world. That means no added sugar, no preservatives. The fruit inside*: 3/4 mango, 1/3 orange, 1 apple, 1/4 banana, & a hint Of lemon. *Per BOTTLE.

  • All NATURAL.

  • 100% juice SMOOTHIE.

  • NO sugar ADDED.

  • Lunch:
    Jason's Deli is bringing me a sample veggie sandwich- as I coordinate events for my job they want me to try out their fare and possibly use them for catering in the functions and I'm not complaining!! ;)


    I'm not sure if I will get a work out in tonight as I'm going out for drinks with the girls and don't want to get sweaty right beforehand! But I will be getting a LOT of physical activity over the weekend as we are going camping by the beach! :D Im so excited!

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