Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dietary Analysis Day Two

Day Two Dietary Analysis: :)

1 Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Bar – 140 calories
1 large banana (120 calories)
1 cup of coffee with half and half and no sugar
Half a cup of orange juice, sweetened 50 calories

1 cup water

Another cup coffee (total half and half= 80 calories)

Organic Avacado and Hummus Sandwhich on whole wheat (440 calories) and Green Diet Tea with Citrus

1 more cup of water

Total calories so far= 830

Another cup of water


Half a block of tofu (200 calories) pan seared then dipped in egg/coconut/spice/lemon juice batter and oven baked

Fresh home made gucamole- half an avacado - with a cut tomato/onions/cilantro/lime/salt and pepper/garlic and a handful of tortilla chips (corn)

Two cups wilted spinach, seasoned with lemon juice

A half a cup of lite cranberry juice mixed with half a cup seltzer water with a bit of lime juice and a shot of vodka

2 more cups water and a multivitamin

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