Monday, April 11, 2011

Using a tape measure for success...

/hihi  So last month I got out a simple tape measure from a cheap sewing kit and measured all sorts of body parts. I wrote down the measurements in inches for my arms, waist, hips, thighs, stomach and butt.

  I figured that it might be another great way to see my progress, especially if the scale was the same but I was still working out. Well, guess what?! It IS a great tool- the scale has been the same for a while, but when I measured myself again over the weekend I found out I'd lost an INCH off my waist and hips!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /XD

I had NO idea :D I mean I thought I looked a bit better in the mirror but I had no proof that anything had I do! My goal is to lose some inches off my thighs next :)

This weekend I got up and worked out on Saturday morning, feeling pretty proud of myself :) I find soooo many other tempting things I'd rather do on a Saturday!!

Still at 133 pounds, oh well....keep trying!! I did go out TWICE this weekend to say goodbye to my darlin friend /no who is moving to Cali! I'm sure that wasnt tooo great for the waistline, but it was good for the heart :)

Farewell Dinner

Today's Food Log:

Fat free organic milk and cereal- 300 calories
coffee with creamer, no sugar= 80 calories

Amy's organic spinach lasanga - 270 calories
Chobani Honey Yogurt- 150 calories

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
100 calorie whole wheat vitatop chocolate muffin

Running total so far:
900 calories consumed - 300 left

200 calorie Amy's split pea soup with two handfuls of wilted spinach (wilted into the hot soup)

Was doing well then I had a 50 calorie drink, about 50 calories of cashews, about 200 calories of chips and low fat sour cream= 1400 calories total, or a little more- def. over my daily limit of 1200!! I was in a snacking mood :( How to overcome that??? Its hard...

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