Wednesday, April 20, 2011

25....and a renewed commitment to this weight loss goal!

I quite believe it, I just celebrated my TWENTY FIFTH!! WOW….a quarter of a CENTURY old already!
I love this style of cake!

I had a lovely birthday with lots of joy and suprises! My man baked my a mint chocolate cake with dark Godiva chocolate and organic sugar, all by himself! What a cutie! He also took me on a suprise birthday trip! My man took my camping at gorgeous Florida springs, and then to a hotel right on Daytona Beach!

our view, and the fabulous rocking chairs I loved!

I also got the perfect persent...a little blue box from Tiffany&Co!

With a horseshoe charm necklace I'd loved for years but had only ever had the imitation version of! There was also a romantic poem in the box that my man had written. I thought it was written by Tiffany's, and he had just signed it, and when he said he'd made it up all by himself I cried! It was just tooo sweet!

So happy!

Looking back over my accomplishments I felt it too, 25 years is a long time! I’ve done a lot ...

I learnt how to  function in the world on my own, going from being a child to a woman (kind of- still feel like a girl sometimes LOL). From 17 onwards I have lived on my own, paid my bills and worked through silver spoon in life but hey, its character building right?

I travelled and lived all over the world- Africa, India, Belgium, Nepal, Tenerife, Australia, England and now I live in the USA. I spoke and read Bengali, and absorbed the cultures of every place I went, fuelling my passion for travel and appreciation for this earth and its people.

 I’ve gambled everything for love, leaving my home of London to move to the USA and be with a man I fell for on safari in India. '

 After being a bit of a gypsy I’ve found a home. Home really was where my heart was, London didn’t feel like home when my heart was in Florida!

I’ve adopted and cared for two adorable dogs that bring me so much daily joy.

I am finally able to afford to pursue my dream of going to college. I also work full time while I do that, and am proud of the fact that I’m putting myself through school and maintain a high GPA!

25 and HAPPY =D

There are still things to do though! Losing at least 10 more pounds is one of those goals! After my birthday celebrations and lots of cake I’m at 134 pounds….My goal is 125 this summer….

I feel like this is the weight that my body will look good. On the beach this weekend I had some candid photos taken while building sand castles (lots of fun btw- I love being a bit of a kid sometimes!!)

 Some angles looked ok, most didn’t, especially from the side! My stomach pooched over my bikini top in a crease, and that is NOT something I want to be worrying about when sitting down! Sure, its fine when I stand up and suck it in, but I don’t want to have to angle for a good photo while sitting!

I have been working on my posture, but I know that having strong abs and less fat are very important too!

That was my goal for this summer, to not have to feel self conscious.

 I feel a lot better, but not quite there…I still have work to do and I know I haven’t been really pushing it- Ive been doing my workout DVD a bit but not putting in sweaty hours at the gym!! And that is really the key to molding a body!

 New goals:

132 by the end of April- thats 2 pounds in 13 days, achievable!
128.5 by the end of May (minus 3.5 pounds)
125 by the end of June
Today’s Food Log:


280 calories of Green Monster Juice (fruit+spirulina, pre made)

100 calorie VitaTop

50 calories of creamer

440 calories of whole wheat and soy vegetarian sandwich

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
Cascade Fresh Fruit Juice sweetened yogurt, 130 calories


Recovering from the birthday extraveganza I went light- Spicy Tofu, pan seared + brocolli and cauliflower seasoned with lemon juice and salt!

So about 1200 calories, yay...!

Oh...and then a few pieces of chocolate left over from my birthday but thats allowed right hehe...and some cashews...


  1. congratulations on losing 9 lbs that is amazing, and happy birthday you are gorgeous :)keep perusing your dreams!