Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo means its time to get to my May goals!!

Happy 5th of May! I hope you have lots of yummy Mexican food and maybe even a drink or two.....

I'm hoping that even with a chore list the size of the Eiffel Tower

 maybe I will be able to cook dinner for my man and I and make something Mexican themed :) In my dream life I would have friends over for a delicious home cooked Mexican feast but in my real life I don't have the time or money! One day....

Today I realized that it IS May and I have a tough goal to reach!

I'm at 132 pounds (April's goal CHECK!) and my goal for my as 128.5 pounds. Not an unachievable feat, but if I'm not going to just stay at where I am at I will need to push myself to do something different.
I know what that is- get to the gym!
I must confess, I've not been putting in the hours on the elliptical or with my Jillian DVD's! I want to work out three times a week at least!

So how does a person lose 3.4 pounds in a month? I read this helpful article

I liked these tips:

  • Eat every 3 hours. If you eat every 3 hours your body does not have time to stop digesting your food. This will maintain your metabolism. This is great for people who are not active.


  • Buy a calorie counter. These are $20 at any wal-mart or department store. This will gauge about how much you burn just by walking everyday. Walking to your car, walking to your house, to the fax machine all the way upstairs. If you see your progress it will encourage you.

  • By now, if you count and weigh all of your food. Weigh yourself every other day, in the morning at the same time, NAKED. You will start to see at least a 1 lbs a week coming off.

  • Read more: How to Lose 4 Lbs a Month |

    and then double checked my BMI and daily calorie needs on this great website:

    I also entered gym workouts onto my outlook calendar at work to try remind myself to go, as well as put a sticky not on my monitor with the cryptic message: 128.5- no one else will know what it means but to me it will be a daily reminder of this months goals! I think I might put one up at home on the fridge too!

    Today's Food Log:

    1 Banana Nut Vitatop (100 calories)
    Wallaby Organic Australian Yogurt, Raspberry Flavor (140 calories)

    Milk and Creamer in coffee= 150 calories

    Amy's Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns (320 calories)


    Dreaming Cow Strawberry Pomegranate Yogurt (140 calories)

    So far today=
     850 calories

    Baked eggplant/tofu/ parmesan towers with maranira sauce and I also tried to make Mama Pea's Sauce but it was a bit toooo curry flavored!

    I will put up my own pic later when I get one of my camera, but for now this is kinda how it looked

    Calorie count? Who knows! Low I hope, I did bake the eggplant, went light on the sauce and cheese and only ate until I was satisfied, not gorged!

    Workout: I did it- Level 2 Jillian DVD :D


    1. Im impressed with how well you keep track of everything, im the worst things just go into my mouth and I have no idea how sometimes !

    2. Thanks! It really helps me to lose weight when I do track everything I eat because the list gets pretty long by the end of the day!That helps me not snack too much at night- going over everything usually makes me think "hmm.. that seems like more than enough food for one person, I better stop!!"