Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to get serious........

I've been trudging along fine, I'm at 133 to 134 pounds...but I have not exactly been pushing myself, especially on the work out front!

I'm also NOT at my goal of 132 for April! Time to GET THERE :)

It is time for me to get SERIOUS again- I've been eating healthfully but I stopped tracking my daily calories and getting in daily workouts and both are SOOO important in order to move the number further down on the scale!

 I did a workout on Tuesday night (went to see the comedian Daniel Tosh last night so no time lol! He was fantastic!!!) and it felt SOOOOOOOOOO great to stretch out my muscles and the next day my back wasn't painful at work like it had been and my legs felt limber and I cant believe I don't do at least 20 minutes of Jillian's 30 Day Shred daily as a body tune up!!  I'm going to get serious about working out, I promise!!

To remind myself of my goals I set after vacation here they are again:

So goals are -

 limit snacking
eat 1200 calories a day
work out at least 5 times within the week
drink more water
and reach 132 Pounds by April

180 Calorie Lemon Zest lunar bar

50 calories of creamer in my no sugar coffee

= 230 calories total


320 calorie Amy's Tofu Scramble
100 calorie Vitatop
Diet Green Tea

= 420 calories total

During lunch I saw a free vegan buffette on the plaza and joined the line- but they ran out of food just as I got to it! So I guess the Gods of Dieting are trying to tell me something LOL ;)

Chobani Greek Yogurt 160 Calories

Total for the day so far= 810 calories

Sauteed mushrooms, 1 soy chicken breast and sauteed fresh spinach- yum!!

1200 calories for the whole day, YAY

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