Friday, March 18, 2011

Vacation is over, a new set of goals....

My holiday in Puerto Vallarta was AMAZING!!! =D

I will post some photos in another blog post once I sort through them all!

We ate TONS of DELICIOUS fresh, local food

 some of it prepared right in front of us like the guacamole!

I only gained a pound though, as we walked everywhere- it was cheaper than taking a taxi and the cobblestone town of Puerto Vallarta has so many interesting shops, galleries, nooks and crannies it was never boring to walk, it was an adventure.

Sadly, I gained ANOTHER pound this week though, as my voracious Mexican appetite is still here, but I'm back at work so not walking nearly as much!

 Today is operation Shrink Stomach and Appetite day, I'm only doing fruit and yogurt smoothies all day, I feel like I need it after the excess of the week!

It was also me and my man's FOUR YEAR Anniversary! Wow, all the adventures we have had in India, England, USA, Mexico, Canary Islands....its been a blast! However- we did a lot of cooking and picknicking for our day so that didnt help my waistline either lol...but it was very worth it! We went to the local natural springs for the day and he made a lovely penne pasta bake and I made vegetarian chicken tenders, so delish!

I also need to refocus and come up with new goals! I've just been reading an article on how important 7.5-9 hours of sleep is for the average adult

You may be sleep deprived if you...

  • Need an alarm clock in order to wake up on time.
  • Rely on the snooze button.
  • Have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Feel sluggish in the afternoon.
  • Get sleepy in meetings, lectures, or warm rooms.
  • Get drowsy after heavy meals or when driving.
  • Need to nap to get through the day.
  • Fall asleep while watching TV or relaxing in the evening.
  • Feel the need to sleep in on weekends.
  • Fall asleep within five minutes of going to bed.

While it may seem like losing sleep isn’t such a big deal, sleep deprivation has a wide range of negative effects that go way beyond daytime drowsiness.

The effects of sleep deprivation and chronic lack of sleep

  • Fatigue, lethargy, and lack of motivation
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Reduced creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Reduced immunity; frequent colds and infections
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Weight gain
  • Impaired motor skills and increased risk of accidents
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems

I really want to get the correct amount so I have energy to work out and dont feel sluggish!

I also realize that I wasn't SNACKING in Mexico, so even though I had HUGE breakfasts/lunches, most of my calories were in the early part of the day, with fresh wholesome food and I had no sugary snacks in the evening like I do in the USA!

So goals are -
 limit snacking
eat 1200 calories a day
work out at least 5 times within the week
drink more water
and reach 132 Pounds by April (thats down from the 135 I'm at right now- I'd actually reached that goal already before vacation but now its on the to do list again!)

And to remind myself, here are the original goals I set when I started this blog:

I want strength. I want to be able to rock climb. I want to be able to carry heavy objects and have the stamina to go on hiking trips with my University outdoor team.

I want to be able to run for ten minutes without needing to stop and take a breath.

I want to have the right body weight for my body frame.

I want my body to be proportionate. I want thighs that are as big as thighs should be……not bigger!

I want my body to be under my control, rather than controlling me

My Goals: Short Term:

135 pounds by Spring Break - thats a 7 pound loss from where I am now

132 pounds by April (Summer here in Florida!)

And long term? 130 pounds, and FIT! And looking like this when I sit on the beach (minus the fake tan and air brushing lol) :

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