Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 50

Wow, this is an intense week leading up to vacation! Lots of stuff to do! 3 papers, 2 exams, class, work, packing, dog care, house cleaning, BBQ  to organize for friends who are taking care of our dogs...!!

I've still only got up to day 13 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred + a workout at the gym (running!) I so badly want to go again, especially as I dont want my first day in the jungle hiking to be the first time in days that my body gets worked out! But time is so lacking :(

Good news is- I'm still 133 pounds!! :D Will set myself a new goal after vacation!


 Only Tuesday and I feel exhausted already, made myself a nutrient packed smoothie fro breakfast- a banana, mango, strawberries, spirolina, organic yogurt, almond milk

Snack: 100 calorie vita top, and 3 samoa girl scout cookies (I had to wait until 2pm to go to lunch when I usually go at 11:30 am, and my girl scout cookie delievery came in..not good!!)


270 calorie Morningstar vegetarian chili- yum!


Went to Pazza Vito with my hunny after work and my session at the spa (I have a week to use up my Groupon, so Im trying to go as much as I can, the massage bed is GREAT!)
 Pazza Vito makes the BEST pizza and pasta in town, very authentic and italian! They actually make the whole wheat fettucini there daily, themselves! We shared a vege pizza with 3 types of cheese, and a pesto pasta! I had a side salad as my side, and my man had garlic bread (go me!) :)

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