Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking back control

I worked out last night, did level 2 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred as I tried level 3 the other day but still cant quite do ALL the moves, whereas level 2 I'm stronger at and can actually do everything :D

Another picture of amazing food and sunsets on vacation!!
It felt great to work out, its an action I can take to empower my weight loss!

I need to work on issues of control- I know that self-control and discipline are the keys to weight loss in eating and working out but I have a rebellious spirit! Part of me feels like eating perfectly is tooooo controlled, I cant be having fun in life...I need to realize that healthy eating can be fun too! There are so many healthful and delicious dishes that are more satisfying than a bag of chips!


300 calorie Mango/Banana Naked Juice
290 calorie Amy’s mashed potatoes
2 110 calorie snack bars – south beach
810 total so far + 90 for coffee creamer = 900


150 calories of dessert-  a cup of fresh chopped strawberries mixed with New Zeland Happy Cow strawberry yogurt and a teeny sprinke of granola on the top

Soy 'chicken' scallopini by Gardein (made with quinoa, kamut etc!) They are SO good, I need to experiment more with them

I cooked them in Braggs, then I wilted two handfuls of spinach, a large chopped tomato, a few tablespoons of leftover bean and barley mix, a chopped onion, bombay seasoning + salt+pepper+lemon juice = a delightful chicken stew of goodness and only 170 calories!!

Total-  320 calories

1220 calories total, and the fact that I spent time making a healthy dinner paid of later as when my man made himself a late night snack of hash browns and cheese I didnt want any, despite the great smell! :D Success for me!


I RAN all around the block, a full mile- I wouldnt have been able to do that without Jillians help, for sure! My lungs actually gave out before my legs did, they are stronger than my lung capacity!

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