Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 51

Still a bit overwhelmed! I set my alarm for 5:30 am again, hoping Id wake up feeling refreshed (I did go to bed at 10!) but I was exhausted from work/school/life and couldnt do it, got up at 6.30 and rushed in to work by 8...sigh...I am however still taking all my breaks and running around campus as my exercise, its a good workout and the weather is beaaaautiful!

I also resisted delicous home made biscotti this week, and am not touching the girl scout cookies in my desk today (I had to buy them from the cute little girl scout who came through our office, but now they are plauging me with their deliciousness!!)


Rushed out the door on an empty stomach,then had some fresh strawberries from Tampa and a Strawberry Activia yogurt with fiber and coffee at work - 150 calories


440 calorie vegetarian 'turkey' sandwhich, all organic, wholewheat + orange juice (was feeling like I needed it, a bit sniffly!!) 210 calories

A swig of choclate milk lol 50 calories



Slice of leftover pizza from yesterday - 200 calories

1050 calories- yay! Thats all I needed as I was desk bound all day work- homework- then 3 hours of class! Then bed - eek, so busy :( 

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