Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 52- I've surpassed my first goal, and it feels great!

Wow- its THURSDAY and I fly out on SUNDAY :D Time flies!! I hope it slows down over my vacation ;)

So.....yesterday was a crazy day that I didnt get home until 10pm from work/school- and hit the mattress! I woke up early, but not quite early enought for a full work out, though I did do some stretching!

Im hoping to do Jillians DVD tonight after work! I have to go to the store and buy ingredients to make a strawberry cheesecake for friends who are looking after our dogs while we are gone, and BBQ stuff for Saturday when we have them over for lunch + do laundry so I can pack for the trip+ actually make the cheesecake, so its going to be a pretty busy evening! Sure wish I could leave work early, but its not possible, I will try to walk on my lunch break though and get these legs movin!

Still 133 on the scale- GO ME FOR being 2 pounds below my goal weight for spring break ;)

I just looked back at my first ever post and realized- I'm only 1 pound off for my goal for APRIL and only 3 pounds away from my goal of 130 this year! Wow- you know what, Im sure I can achieve so much more! Who knows, maybe I can even get to 125.....first lets get to 132 and regularly work out ;) ..

I need to remember that I cant relex about it- 130 by April still means not gaining over vacation, and losing three pounds in 4 weeks...

I calculated my BMI with this website

And Im at 22.8, which is great- but I was suprised that I could be 110 pounds and still be in the 'healthy' weight range!! So 125 is definitley on my goal list for this year!!

When I started this weightloss journey mid- Janurary I was at a BMI of 24.5- on the cusp by .5 of being in the overweight category (and feeling and looking overweight!!)

Im so happy to have achieved my first mini goal :) I need to take some 'after' pictures soon!! Maybe on Saturday!


1 wholewheat deli flat, 1 veggie 'chicken' patty 140 calories, hummus = 280 calories
Coffee= 80 calories of creamer


1 girl scout samoa cookie - 75 calories


Amy's Organic stir fry - 300 calories

Resisted having another cookie!!


Two 80 calorie burger pattys, 50 calories of veggies, a deli flat with hummus = 350 calories (yeah, we are clearing out the fridge so not much food around lol!)

1085 total + 2 more girl scout cookies =


Day 14 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred -yay!!!

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