Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 53

Wow, FRIDAY! The end of the work week, its pretty quiet at work too its seems like a ton of people arent here!

Last night I took my measurements with a tape measure and wrote them down (in inches)- thights, butt, boobs, calves, waist, arms....I want to measure again in two or three months and see some inches GONE :) I can only imagine seeing say, 2 inches, gone from my thights and waist would be AMAAAAAZING!!!! Another thing to look forward to beside the dropping number on the scale :)

310 calorie Amy's Burrito
whole wheat tortilla w. cheddar and Monterey Jack. In this burrito is organic brown rice and a host of organic produce and spices to round out the flavor.

Mid Morning snack:
Green Machine Naked Boosted Juice- trying to fight off my man's cold before vacation!! 280 calories

590 so far today..

Subway Sandwhich- Veggie Max

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