Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weight Loss Success!!! I acheived my New Years Resolution!

I have a big announcement.......

Well..... today is the last day of summer...aaand the title of this blog is "Fit for Summer" and guess what? I achieved the goal of 125 pounds I thought of as IIMPOSSIBLE at the beginning of the year when I was 143-147 pounds! I have been at 125 pounds for a week now (I wanted to wait to announce it, as I wanted to make sure I stayed at 125) OMG /XD I am so happy!! It wasn't all easy peasy but I DID it =D>

This is the first time I've ever stuck to a New Years resolution by the way...and I feel pretty darn proud of myself...

When I first set my goals, I just wanted to be 135 pounds....I reached that then set my eye on the seemingly impossible 125...and thats where I am at today! :D

I went from a size 10 to a size 6 (or 4 in some brands)


I went from this....143 pounds

After:  125!!

I think my biggest tip from this journey - work out at least 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes each time. I try to burn 500 calories when I do cardio, and I mix in strength training too! Some days I feel SO tired from work+school but the gym gives me energy, and all my back aches etc. melt away after a gym session!

Eat UNPROCESSED almost cant go wrong if you do this!

 I learnt to veer away from too many processed vegetarian proteins like premade burger patties etc and eat more lentils and quinoa! If you cook most of your meals, and use things that don't come out a box ready made you will see the pounds melt away and your skin clear up and your hair grow longer :D

No rest for the wicked though- I am going to continue going to the gym and eating healthy and see if I can't get to 120 pounds by December! It sounds nuts/impossible but I probably can...I've come to realise with this weight loss that my build is actually petite (fancy that- under all my fat I was hiding small bones! Makes sense- my sisters are all about 115-120, I dont know why I just thought I was the genetic anomaly, the 'curvy one' LOL)....Wish me luck!!


  1. Hi there,

    I've been following your blog for a while, and its really helped me in so many ways! Aside from being so gorgeous and such an inspiration, I feel connected to you because I too am a world traveling vegetarian ;).

    With you as a model I've gone from the mid 140s to between 132 and 133. I've been in the low 120s before and was really healthy--but for some reason this time I seem to have hit a wall! I was wondering if you could give me some advice? How do you stay motivated when all you see are a few ounces in either direction?

    Did you find writing in a blog kept you accountable even when you weren't sure people were reading?

    Keep inspiring!

    *I don't write in my blog much anymore but feel free to take a look at it! Its

  2. Aww thank you!! Nice to meet another world traveling vegetarian :D I took a look at your blog- your travels are inspiring, I want to go to Germany! Its actually one of the first places on our travel list once I get my new permanent residency card :D

    It can be hard to stay motivated when you hit a plateau. I hit one recently myself! I did find writing in my blog daily and using it as a food journal helped. Keeping a food journal makes me really look at my eating and stop underestimating my consumption. And having it in a public place does make me feel more accountable!

    Don’t be discouraged- the closer you are to your goal/ideal weight, the harder it gets!

    The biggest source of motivation has to come from inside of you though. When I'm flagging I sit down with myself and examine my motivations, and if I REALLY want this or not. Do I REALLY want to lose 5 more pounds? If “Yes”…am I willing to sacrifice certain things for a time, in order to get to that goal (wine...chocolate...)...that is the hard question. I can usually see what I need to change/do when I sit down and examine my eating/workout routine- for me its usually a matter of do I want to change or not? I try to remind myself about why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.

    Once you are motivated, set a small, achievable goal like 2 pounds loss by the end of the month, and hard towards it :)

  3. Thank you so much for the advice. It really helps.

    I really love your blog. Its honest and fun to read!

    Keep inspiring and I'll keep reading :)