Thursday, September 15, 2011

One day at a time

/hihi So I did pretty well with my eating yesterday and I hope to stick to that today! Its kind of annoying that one day of perfect eating doesnt get you to your goal weight instantly.

 Sometimes I feel like that I should be rewarded for being so good by dropping at LEAST a pound...unfortunately the reality is that is is days and days of eating well that lead to results! And working out!

My workout plan for today is to do an hour of cardio. I've been doing 45 minute sessions, or 30 minutes + 30 minutes of weights, but I think burning 500 calories every gym session is necessary to shift these last few pounds!

Sadly, I've developed Mouse Elbow over the last few days! Mouse elbow is a term I came across when searching google to find out why my right outer elbow has been hurting! Basically, its a mild form of tennis elbow that comes from using a mouse too much (I work on computers 8 hours a day).

 I'm going to have to change my workout routine to try not to stress it. No dumbbells, just weight machines, and no elliptical, just the treadmill!

Todays Food Journal:


I decided to try a different Bolthouse farms drink for breakfast, the Mocha Cappuccino. Its my first taste of coffee since I quit a few months ago!

It was ok, but not as filling or tasty as my usual Mango Protein drink despite having just as much protein in it. I prefer the mango drink because it contains actually fruit as well!


A tasty home made salad I brought into work :) Kalamatas, spinach, tomatoes, vegetarian 'beef' tips


Raspberry Chobani yogurt swirled with a cup of fresh raspberries...mmmm!! The BEST way to eat your antioxidants!


Spinach/tofu/potato pie!

A handful of kettle chips (my man was eating them in front of me and I find it hard to resist not having any!!)


I hour of cardio DONE- I did the Arc. Its kind of like an elliptical but a different leg motion and without the arms- I did 500 calories in just under an hour actually, I left the gym ten minute earlier than I thought I would :)

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