Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Three of my Detox (aka. The Four Day Diet)

Day three was my turning point. I finally didnt feel weird and actually woke up full of energy and waaay before my alarm clock! I think the first two days were really rough as all my toxins made their way out my body and I got used to eating a really clean diet! I THOUGHT I ate pretty healthy, but I don't usually eat that much fresh food (fruits for breakfast, vegetables for snacks? Um..NO!)

When I attempted to do this two years ago I don't think I even followed it as well as I am now- sure I made salads. But I loosely interpreted "Garden Salad" and chucked all sorts of stuff into my 'salad'....croutons and creamy dressings DO make a difference in calories and the 'cleanliness' of the food (I hope that makes sense!)

This doesn't count as a "Salad" either!

There is something about fresh, un-microwaved food that makes you feel great :D

I prepped most of my food for the day the night before, I like how easy it is to just look at the foods allowed for the day and follow that, it takes out all the thinking/calorie counting and makes it foolproof! What I ate:


A cup of fresh raspberries (SOO plump and juicy!) mixed with a 6oz Stonyfield pomegranate yogurt (Dr. Ian recommends you eat yogurts with fruit on the bottom, this one was great!) and one banana.

And a glass of lemon juice (water, 1tbsp raw honey, fresh squeezed lemon wedge)

I prepped my fruit salad  the night before and put it in a Tupperware, which turned out to be convenient as I couldn't scarf it all down before work for breakfast, so I just took the rest with me! I had it as a mid-morning snack, during a break at work. I sat outside in the sunshine, eating raspberries and reading this brilliant book:


Another small garden salad, this time I added mushrooms and used a sesame Asian ginger sauce for dressing to reduce my boredom with garden salads!

I also included my allowance of chickpeas/beans in this salad because it looked to small to keep me going through a work day without them!


Dinner? On a cleanse? ha ha... Actually, I was allowed to make CABBAGE SOUP tonight! WOWWW don't all get jealous at once now....
It actually tasted pretty darn good! I got home, feeling kinda hungry and pretty ready for dinner.. and discovered that it was going to take FIFTY minutes to make the soup according to Dr. Ian Smith's recipe, so I modified it by doing it in a pressure cooker (THANK God, or I may have just started eating the cutting board....)

 The soup has potatoes, carrots, onions and ham in it...I substituted the ham with two of these Gardein Chicken Scallopini made with soy and quinoa and kamut...

they are only 90 calories each and I stock up on them when they are BOGO!

The recipe makes a TON of soup by the man had some too, he actually liked it! And I have a ton of cabbage soup in my fridge if anyone is interested...

I was allowed one cup...

Plus 2 cups of spinach....I skipped out on the spinach and had another half a cup of soup instead I was so over cooking by that point and still had to get to the gym

The Gym:

I did my 40 minutes of cardio....I definitely notice a decrease in my strength and energy on the harder cardio compared to my usual carb fueled self....but it felt great in the end!

Day three stomach is REALLY flat and unbloated, I think its the lack of diet soda and sugar in my life :D

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