Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy July 4th! And an update on my progress on the Four Day Diet

/hihi How was your Independence Day?

I took a day off on Monday from my diet (I've had one cheat day per module it seems LOL...oh well, I've still been going to the gym at least 5 days a week and have lost 4 pounds!)

We went to a pool party, then had a BBQ with friends and watched fireworks:

A very cute cat has usurped my friends chair!!

Decked out in my red white and blue!

the men cooking for us- how it should be

obviously a vegetarian cookout LOL


I love fireworks- the sound, the color, the randomness!

watching fireworks late into the night in sweltering hot Florida!
 I finished the four days of the Protein module on Dr. Ian Smith's 'Four Day Diet' ( for info on the diet see

Things I liked about the Protein module:

There was a LOT of allowed food and I didnt even eat everything on the list! I felt REALLY full the entire time! I think he plans the diet like that, so you aren't in 'starvation mode' as some modules have a LOT of food!

I had lots of energy for working out + loved the post workout protein shakes! And discovered a yummy mango protein smoothie mmm....

 I substituted all the animal protein for low fat vegetarian protein (soy sausages, scrambles, unfried burger patties)

The main thing I DIDN'T like? Not losing anymore weight! But I'm doing the PUSH module next, so that should do the trick! And my muscles are all charged up with protein now :)

I started the Push Module yesterday. I skipped out on 'Smooth' which was next in the book, deciding to save it for when I feel I need it (Smooth allows you to eat pizza etc for a few days in moderation if you want)

I went to Wards, our local, organic store and loaded up on veggies and things I'd need for the next four days in the 'PUSH' module:

my veggies! Less than $30 too!
  I found purple organic sweet potatoes! How cool is that! (One of the 'snacks' you can have is a small sweet potato!)  I got crisp organic apples, they are the best! All the other apples look way to huge and shiny, not natural!  I only get as much fruit as I know I'm going to eat so it doesn't rot- 2 apples, 2 pears, an orange..the only thing not entirely on the list is the Baklava...I swear I will just nibble on a little piece daily!!

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