Thursday, June 2, 2011

May goals not achieved, but Im still taking steps to building a great life :)

So, I did not achieve my goal of 128.5 pounds for May! /no

I saw 129 on the scale for a few days, but then I've shifted back to staying at 130 :(

I was so elated to actually see 129, and I felt like the goal was so attainable, but it was harder than expected! I havent been in the 120's for over 7 years (gulp- cant believe I'm 25 already loL!) and I guess getting into that range and staying there is going to take even more work than getting to 130 took!

I know I shouldn't- but I was feeling wracked with guilt that I didn't try harder, get to the gym more. I felt a bit puffy and bloated...

My man was so supportive when I told him about my disappointing results though :) He helped take me out of my negative mind set...

yes, i did honestly feel a bit like this

He told me I've been doing great, better than I ever have before in my weight loss efforts. He also told me that I will get there, I just need to keep going. And that's what I'm doing! I'm not giving up, and I think that is the most key thing.

I've talked to a few people this year who seemed to have weight loss goals in January, but by now they have given up, stopped the lifestyle change and gone back to their old habits. I'm NOT going to EVER go back to my old habits!
I saw this the other day, it resonated with me:

On the weekend I was surprisingly inspired by this book:

I was in Books-A-Million browsing and picked it up, feeling curious. I read the first chapter...and the next...and the next. I had NO idea Jillian was this deep, or such a great, direct, interesting writer!

An reviewer puts it best

Unlimited" isn't your ordinary live in the now, forget the past, smile, just be happy yada, yada, yada kind of self help book. Being happy, healthy and in control doesn't just happen overnight or gets delivered to you from a genie on a magic carpet. You have to take steps and do the work it takes to achieve the goals you want in your life which are provided in the book. There is no nonsense mumbo jumbo to read or words that you have to Google to figure out what the author is talking about and it's not sugar coated. I found this to be an easy read and didn't want to put it down. Jillian writes, "I can't promise you it's going to be easy... But what I can promise you is that I will cut out the crap and tell you what works. Come with me on this journey, and your life will change dramatically, for the better."
If you are stuck in a rut in life, fitness, anything - I would recommend this book! I'm going to buy it on Amazon =D

By the way- sorry about not having any great photos to post- I haven't been able to find my camera!
Last night I went for a 20 minute walk with my man and our dogs, it was a nice alternative to the gym and the fact that we went out in the dark made it feel more private which I enjoyed! In a college town there are a lot of lewd gawkers hanging out their car windows during the daylight hours! The darkness provided a minor respite from the Florida heat (97!!) though I did have to spray on bug spray (stinky and sticky, I hate it!)

Sure wasn't anything like hiking in Mexico though- gosh I miss being on vacation right now!!

Today's Food Log:


2 slices whole wheat toast (60 calories each) and 1 and a half tablespoons of almond butter - 130 calories

First jar of Almond Butter Ive ever purchased, I'm loving it!!

= 192 calories   + creamer in my coffee (at least another 100 calories) = 292 calories


I didn't bring anything with me to work today as I had an online exam to do last night and no time to pack a lunch!

( I had home made lentil burger mix and pineapple chutney in the fridge but no time to combine them into something edible LOL)

I had to buy a Greek Salad at work, which is healthy but not as yummy as if Id made it myself! I'm much more liberal with my kalamatas and I always use more spinach than nutrition void lettuce! Oh well...


Today my man and I are going to a restaurant to our friend Ben playing his guitar and singing some oldies- hes really good! We will have to order at least appetizers and some drinks in order to sit and watch him though! I will try to eat light and only have 1 light drink!

PS- I really want to go to the beach this weekend after going through my Mexico photos.

 I've heard on the news that there are Jellyfish off the Florida beaches though! I've been stung by jellyfish in India and it feels like laser beams slicing your skin!

My plan for overcoming this plateau/slump and reaching 128.5 by the end of this month:

1. Work out three times a week at the gym - I will still do walks/work out DVDs but I think I need more gym time!! Good days for me right now are: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday. I will be SO proud of myself if I can do that for even a week :)

2. I can make my gym time more exciting my doing a MP3 Player overhaul and adding some new songs to my play list

(let me know if you have any favorites for cardio?)

3. Load my calories towards breakfast.  I'm already doing more smoothies, etc, but I need to eat more oats for breakfast and have lighter dinners (I'm inspired to try overnight oats that I've seen on other peoples blogs!!)

4. Really make sure I'm not eating sweets! I brought trail mix the other day and have been picking all the little M&Ms out of it daily bad!!

 5. Stop taking melatonin supplements as a sleep aide to see if I'm less groggy the next day + set aside half an hour of time before bed to start the wind down with natural relaxation techniques such as meditation/lavender scents/reading :)


  1. Even if you didn't meet your goals it's awesome that you're so dedicated and sticking to them! Just be patient with your body and yourself and keep up the good work girl!

  2. Thank you! Your encouragement means a lot :D