Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day One of the Detox (aka The Four Day Diet)

The first day of the cleanse my main issue was- HUNGER..../blur Ok, I LOGICALLY know I got enough food on day one of the plan...I ate all of this:

 Yogurt and nectarine, a banana and strawberries and blueberries for breakfast +2 cups of coffee. (forgive the lack of photos, still fixing my camera!)

 A cup of brown rice, plus a cup of beans and a cup of spinach mixed with a little organic mango salsa for lunch.

A plain garden salad (cup of spinach, cucumbers, tomato, 2tbsp low fat dressing) and a repeat of lunch for dinner ( A cup of brown rice, plus a cup of beans and a cup of spinach mixed with a little organic mango salsa)

A glass of fresh lemonade

An 8pm 'god I'm feeling hungry' banana......

... but as I lay there trying to go to sleep I felt super hungry, and all I could think about was the lovely stuffed cheese pasta with mushroom sauce I had given to my man as a sign of my commitment ( I had made it for myself for lunch on Monday at work, but then gave it up to him for his lunch the next day - wow!! LOL )

And I think its because I never felt that 'full' feeling even after a heaping plate of rice, beans and veggies...and I think thats a bad thing because it shows that my usual diet has enough crap in it that a clean day of eating makes me CRAVE things like sweets, alcohol, soda, heavy carbs and cheese to feel satiated!!

I thought I'd been eating pretty healthy-  I didnt realize I still relied on more refined carbs like bread (rather than very unrefined brown rice) to get that 'full' feeling! I could STUFF myself with rice, beans and salad and still be hungry in an hour I think....

I also went to the gym and did the forty minutes of cardio required- 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 mintues on a stationary bike while working 3 pound weights at the same time.

As I pedalled on the bike I kept my arms moving with the weights in every direction- above my head, to the side, bicep curls....and boy do I feel it!

I cant believe 3 pound weights had that much impact, I've being using 5 pounders when doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD...but I guess the fact that it was 20 minutes of arm workout is what matters, not the weights. I really liked the fact that I was working my arms AND legs at the same time ( I get bored just doing one!)

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