Monday, June 13, 2011

Mango cheesecake debauchery

/hihi So I made two mango cheesecakes last Sunday, planning to share with several of our friends, but only managed to share one!

We were really busy all week, our friends were really busy all week, and the end result was me and my man having to eat one ourselves (oh poor us LOL) We had it every way- with mango sauce, fresh sliced mango, with Skinny Cow dulce deleche ice cream....amazing!

Pleaaaase take some cheesecake?

 It reflects on the scale though!

  I'm fluctuating between 130- 131 pounds :( instead of going to 128.5 like I need to this month!! I will be SOOOO happy to even just get 129 as my new "normal!!"

 I think it is also because I ate out for the first time in ages TWICE this week as well, we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant...

yummy and healthy but high in calories!!

....and for brunch on Saturday at our favorite local organic joint, The Jones Eastside. I had a lovely tempeh burrito! 

No matter how healthy the place is, eating out always seems to negatively impact me, I think its the extra sodium!

I still feel proud of myself though as I found my old 'vison' board the other day in a drawer and it showed me how far I've come! My vision board is basically a photo of myself in a bikini at my heaviest tacked to a piece of cardboard with scrapbooking lettering around it with which I wrote my weight goals and inspirations and motivations down.

My goal was 130 pounds! (DONE!!!) :D

On the back of the board I had a daily weight log where I wrote down my daily weight and I saw the 143 pounds I was... I saw the 138,/137 plateau and felt really proud that I made it to 130 and THAT is where I'm fluctating rather than at 138 like I used to!!

I have been trying to battle the bulge by eating lots of yummy salads and hitting the gym up a LOT! I'm really trying to form a new habit :D

I did a dance work out and some yoga on Friday night at home on DVD

On Saturday I went to the gym with my man- we walked there (in 94 degree Florida heat!) did 30 minutes on the circuit training which was really fun!

The 30 Minute Workout Circuit
Basically Planet Fitness has a roped off area full of machines and you get on the first one, and keep an eye on this big light on the wall.

When if flashes red, you go to the little steps they have set up in front of each machine and do step ups for a minute, until the light changes from green to red again. Then you go back to the machines and change to the next one and do reps until the light goes from green to red again. They have all sorts of machines for every type of muscle and despite my usual reluctance to tackle intimidating looking machines they were actually pretty easy with simple directions :D I also found that I wasn't bored and 30 minutes flew by waaaay faster than when I'm jogging or on the elliptical!

We ran back home and it was a killer- running outdoors, on an incline, in the heat really made me feel unfit, especially as my  man was jogging circles around me!

Anyway, on Sunday I got up and did Jillian's 30 day shred on level 2. I toyed with the idea of doing it at level 3, but decided I wasn't ready just yet. Level 2 is still hard enough, especially when I really push myself and do the highest jumps I can do!

The fact that my arms are sore feels great though, I cant wait to have muscles!  I went again this evening and did 45 minutes of elliptical and felt very proud of myself!

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