Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Four of my Detox (aka. The Four Day Diet)

I've noticed I'm drinking a LOT more water than usual, without any effort. I just keep finding myself getting up and filling up my cup at least once an hour at work. My skin is so great right now I'm not wearing any foundation at all anymore, just a little sunscreen and concelar on my dark circles! I'm starting to notice some arm definition :D
Tux obviously admires my taste in shoes hehe

Its  my second week of consistently working out most days of the week, and that is translating into feel fab! My body doesnt feel so soft to me anymore...its a slight change, but I feel it.

 My calf muscles are actually hard little balls under my skin know rather than mush, especially after a run.  I'm noticing a slight definition to my arms!

I'm pear shaped, so my arms are the area I will show muscle definition first, its exciting :D Unfortunaltey that also means that my bottom will be the last thing to shrink!!

My only problem right now? I am hosting a little True Blood get together for the premiere at my house (yes, its back on HBO for the summer!!! :D ) Vampires, southern grit, fantasy creatures and a sexy (unsparkly!!) cast...

We have all been waiting for this date since our get togethers at my house last year! I'm going to play Jace Evertt's "Bad Things"  on a loop...(BEST intro song EVER)

And True Blood themed food is a must for the first episode!! It definitley NOT on the plan though :( But considering the year long wait I think I will have a few bites and a drink or two - my stomach has shrunk so much I dont think its possible for me to go too overboard I'd get too full!

This website has such creative ideas:

Some of my faves:

red velvet blood spattered cakes

And I just HAVE to make these- very easy, yummy and  I actually have ALL the ingredients on hand (they eyeballs are made with lychees and blueberries!)


Yay! Today is unlimited fruit day! Well, I started off with this :


Turned out to be a hastily thrown together garden salad.....I actually threw it all in a Tupperware right before running out the door for work as I didnt have time the night before. I chucked two handfuls of spinach, two tomatoes, a cup of brown rice and 3oz of cashes into my container and threw some fruit in my purse to snack on!

The salads arent that big, so I choose spinach as my leaf, as its more nutrient packed than lettuce or anything else!


Guess what I still have a lot of in the fridge? Yep.... Cabbage Soup!! Made according to Dr. Ian Smith's recipe....its actually pretty good though and hey, I don't need to cook dinner and can instead relax on the couch and watch how awful this years Bachelorette is on actually, that is a total waste of my time...

My man helped me polish off all the soup, I thought I had to much considering I only need two cups for this detox, but he enthusiastically had several bowls tonight. He even mentioned that he liked how many vegetables you can fit into a soup and that they are more palatable that way- I agree!

I had my 10grams of psyllium husk mixed in with my lemonade that Dr Ian Smith allows, but I subbed out the sugar and replace it with this instead

I LOVE local honey!!

Psyllim is important in the detox phase. Its a colon cleanser really, and it will allow you to abosorb all the nutrients to come in the upcoming Transition phase!

I snacked on a pear and a plum and had icy cold Florida Fresh OJ, made locally, after my workout!


I did my forty required minutes of cardio -20 on the Elliptical, 20 minutes of running and then 10 minutes on the weight machines just to get those arms I'm looking forward to :D

Its 'that time of the monnth' for me, but I'm really proud of the fact that I've been dragging myself to the gym and getting my workouts in, no excuses! Its a bit harder than usual and I dont have as much energy, but I'm not giving myself any excuses!!

Tomorrow is the new module in Dr. Ian Smiths Four day Diet - Transition! I'm excited :D


  1. I read practically your entire blog in one sitting. It was so so very inspiring to me and exactly what I needed to read right now! I just started a blog (wrote my first post today) and thought you might want to take a look. I'd appreciate it! :)

    All the best!

  2. Aww thanks for commenting, I get inspired knowing there are readers out there keeping me accountable ;)
    I like your blog, it is very real, keep writing! :)