Saturday, July 16, 2011


I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday and have been in a meds induced haze of pain and puffiness ever since. I had four teeth out, so my cheeks and chin are swollen. I feel like a puff fish and look like one too, its awful.

I cant work out (I worked out right up until my operation), nor can I stick to Dr. Ian Smith's diet plan. I've been living on healthy yogurts, protein smoothies and purple mashed potatoes...I cant really eat anything harder than that!

Purple potatoes!
I got scared on day one, when I stood on the scale I had put on SEVEN pounds! WTF?!?! It went away the next day though, I think it was just the IV fluids I got.

My man has been cooking for me, he is so sweet! He made me this wild brown rice and green pea soup, and I then blended it with vegetable hummus and spinach for extra nutrients and greeness hehe- SO good, I promise- even thought it looks SO green!

Not only did he sit through the surgery for three hours, he has taken care of my every need and even surprised me with a cute balloon as he knows I love them!

Anway, before this whole diabolical process begun I made some pretty nice recipes while on the 'Pace section of Dr. Ian Smiths Four Day Diet". 

The first was baked eggplant, lightly seasoned with just a little marinara sauce and Parmesan, so good and nutritious! And veggie soup- I was trying to get creative with the list of foods allowed!!  I made a great vegetarian chilli, but I will give it its own post when I get the energy to write it down, as it deserves that :D

The last thing I cheated with was this pineapple 'cake' (more like a cookie) that someone in my office brought back from Taiwan. Being the travel enthusiast that I am I just had to try it, I love new flavors and I'm not going on a trip in the next few months so a taste of Taiwan would have to suffice! Its their regional classic treat, flakey, not to sweet. I liked it!

I also made this almost healthy cocktail with lemon seltzer water, sweet tea vodka, raw honey and lemon wedges...mmm


  1. Ooh ive never had purple potatoes but they look beautiful!

  2. Just found your blog and finished reading your about section! love it!:) Hope you feel all better soon though:)