Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap

Sunday Dec. 4th

Cycled at the gym for 30 minutes as I felt that I should have been stronger when cycling the trails the day before!

Here are some more pics of Saturday's bike ride I found on Ty's phone:

The Giant Alligator he took photos of- way to close for comfort!

me reluctantly posing for a pic

us pausing our ride to take in the beauty around us
 I think its some upper thigh muscles that need developing! Sadly it only burned 180 calories, I guess that is because its easier than the standing up style machines?

Monday I had evening college classes after work and Tuesday I had to go shopping for the Secret Santa at work and my friend's baby shower (which meant I got to ooh and ahh at tiny baby clothes and converse shoes - so adorable!)

Wednesday Dec. 7th

I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred on Level 2. Ty did it with me too, he used 10 pound weights in each hand it it wiped him out too, we were sweaty exhausted messes by the end of it but it felt great :) My back had been sore from the work week but that melted away, and I fell asleep REALLY fast later on!

Friday Dec. 9th

You know, there are 1001 other things I would rather have done with my evening...but  I got a good 45 minute session in at the gym :D Woohoo! Three workouts DONE! Wish I could get Saturday in too but Im going to be busy in the morning then have a baby shower all afternoon and the gym closes in the evening on weekends :(

I also watched a great documentary you cant watch on hulu - Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


Its about an Australian who goes on a juice fast for 60 days, loses weight and comes off all his medication. He inspires those he meets on his travels (while doing the fast) and a truck drive does the same thing with astonishing results.

 I was quite moved seeing him jogging and a normal weight at the end of the film - a BIG improvement from suicidal and 500 pounds!

I don't think I could or would do a juice fast for more than a day or two, but what I took away from the documentary is that our bodies have an amazing system in place already to heal themselves from almost anything if we just provide them with the proper micro nutrients. I would love to supplement my diet with more fresh veggie juices, I'm sure it would be good for me and considering how much I detest eating big piles of veggies it would probably be an easier way to get nutrition!

I do smoothies at the moment due to a lack of a juicer though...

I also realized how stupid we are as a species- for the first time in history we know what vitamins are, we know about nutrients and optimizing our diet for health and longevity and yet we still choose to eat garbage daily! WTF...

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