Thursday, December 8, 2011

Avocado Sushi Rolls

Look at these cool vegetarian avacado 'sushi' rolls I found at Publix for lunch!

They stuffed with salad and came with a packet of sweet chilli sauce..mmm! Any way to get more avocado in my food is a win in my opinion, my dream house would have an avocado and mango orchard :D

My finals are coming up, can't believe this semester is almost over! Funny thought- considering I'm a non traditional student and am only doing a few classes per semester as I work full time you will probably see me write that a lot more than other students- college- the best eight years of my life LOL

On another side note, while rearching still life photos as inspiration for my last photography course assignment (sad!! :(  ) I found these cool pics, I dont own the rights to them but wanted to share (contact me if its yours and you want it removed)

Cesarean LOL
I will show you guys  my finished still lifes when I'm done :D

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