Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap

I didn't meet my weekly workout minimum of 3 a week :( - but at least I did something! Am aiming for a much better score next week with all the holiday parties around the corner!

I might follow my own advise from my "how to get motivated to go to the gym" post and buy some cute new winter work out gear (I'm still in my summer shorts!) and spice up my music playlist!
Sunday Nov 27th

Did a good hour of cardio and weights, felt great

The week passed, finals time was spent with friends using up expiring groupons at lovely restaurants....

Saturday Dec. 3rd.

Wow, I finally did another workout! After a Friday night episode with waaaay too much delicious bread, soup and melty pepper coated goat cheese and wine Ty and I decided to get out into the beautiful day that was Saturday and soak up some sunshine in nature.

We threw our bikes into his Toyota four runner and drove out to Hawthorne trail. This trail is paved and winds through the forest that leads out onto prarie land.  We cycled and also went on a nature walk on this boardwalk we hadn't ever seen before. We  saw all sorts of wildlife, from armadillos to huge alligators basking in the sun on the prairie! Ty got up close to a huge gator and took a pic with his phone!

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