Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap Dec 11th-17th (aka- fighting off the xmas bulge)

Monday Dec 12th

Sunday was a day spent on our friend property in the countryside riding ATVs and having birthday fun! Nooo workout..however Monday I had the day off work for exams and squeezed in a 30 minute session at the gym! Woohoo- 318 calories burned on the arc

I had highly ambitious goals of reaching 120 (possibly) this December but Im thinking that may turn into more of a New Years resolution. With people bringing goodies into the office DAILY its been more about maintaining than anything else! People have been making things like this:

And while I've been saying no to most things, I've definitely consumed more sugar this month than any other month of the year!

I've been staying at 125 pounds (my goal weight for the year) with 124 seen on the scale when I have days of healthy eating and the dreaded 126 spotted after a few too many cinnamon rolls, hot chocolates) and office parities..but thankfully I can bring myself back to 125 by eating healthy and working out and 126 hasn't stayed around for more than a day or two :)

Friday Dec 15th

I wanted to work out Thursday night but had an office party to go to.

So I got a 45 minute work out in on Friday then went to a friends party afterwards. All weekend I could hardly move my legs. I think it was because I did a lot of squats with dumbbells. My thighs were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sore, I couldnt even walk up steps!

I wanted to go to the gym on Saturday to get three in, but honestly I was in too much pain!! So I had a rest day instead :)

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