Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its weird when people comment on my weight...

I'd like to start this post by sharing a great quote I came across:

The first wealth is health.~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson

Isn't that just the truth? Health is SO important and yet its not a priority for a lot of people. SO many people waste hours shopping for cute new things at the mall instead of working out at the gym which would have more impact than ANY cute thing they could buy! And it would make them feel better!
Anyway, onto the next topic. I ran into two acquaintances at a cafe  (ie. people who I've seen over a year ago/are facebook friends/but don't really know very well) and they said:

"Look at you, you are sooo skinny!" and "Wow, you have lost weight!"

I said "Thank you." I wasnt sure what the appropriate response was (no waaaaay? I hadn't noticed lol) :)

"I guess thank you is an appropriate response" the acquaintance said and I clarified "Thank you for noticing I guess?"

I felt...Awkward!

When my close friends, co-workers and people in the blogging community I have shared my journey with comment on my weight loss I accept the compliments graciously. I feel they know I am doing it in a healthy way with lots of effort in the gym!  And that its not the MOST important thing to me! When almost strangers comment, its a bit weird for me....

I think this writer sums it up my feelings on this best

Never ask “Have You Lost Weight?”  Either way, you send a message that bodies are up for grabs in casual discussion and leave that person thinking that you thought there was weight that needed to be lost.  By banishing weight-loss commentary, you keep yourself from perpetuating that someone’s weight and body are fair game for discussion and up for both grabs and judgment.

why is it ok to go on and on about Chris Christies weight??

All this talk of awkward situations reminds me of one of my all time fave funny blog posts, read it if you havent already, you WILL love it:

Anyway, after all that I had a huge meal of vegetarian chicken, drumsticks, palak panner and salad at the cafe! We had spent the day workign up an appetite by floating and swimming down the beautiful clear, blue Itchetucknee river!

This gorgeous river is one of the jewels of Florida.  It was our last chance before fall set in later in the week and temperatures dropped. I love the river, there is nothing as peaceful and stress reducing as floating down a river under a canopy of trees with nothing but the sound of woodpeckers and turtles splashing as they scuttle off their logs at our approach.

I'm loving this weather! On Saturday we took our workout outdoors and went on a hike on a wooded trail for two hours with our doggies. They had SO much fun sniffing every tree along the way! 

Sunday I did an hour on the arc at the gym, and 20 minutes of weights- I'm gunning for Michelle Obama arms!! I love how they are defined and indent in the right places but aren't hulk like!

My arms and chest still hurt from the weights session I did on Sunday. I have a mandatory four work outs per week (cant quite believe I have stuck to this for several months now!!) This week is going to be really hard to fit it all in though...

Tuesday night was supposed to be my next gym session but we went to buy some camping gear for a trip we are planning (I had to get a horrible neon orange hat

to wear on our planned hikes, because it is 'bow and musket hunting season' eeek!)

This website has some motivating success stories

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